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Journey was formed by San Francisco based musicians in 1973. Santana's former manager, Herbie Herbert, helped put the band together with two members of the Santana band, Neal Schon on lead guitar and Gregg Rolie on keyboards and lead vocals.

After their first three albums failed to produce large sales, their record label (Columbia) had them change styles and add a frontman. The frontman was soon replaced with another frontman, Steve Perry. Turned into a pop band, record sales took off. By 1981, Neil Schon was the only original member left in Journey.

In 1982, the band broke-up for several years. Back together in 1986 for a reunion album, two more members were replaced by studio musicians including Randy Jackson (who later became a judge for American Idol.) Steve Perry left the group in 1987. After that, Neal had several hits with members of The Babys as the band Bad English.

Steve Perry agreed to rejoin the band in 1995 if they hired a new manager. By 2008, Journey had gone through a couple more lead singers. Arnel Pineda was discovered on You Tube by Neal. He is a Filipino singer that was doing coversongs of Journey in the band The Zoo.

Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick, an American rock and roll band, is from Rockford, Illinois. They gained huge popularity in the 1970s. The band members are Robin Zander (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Rick Nielsen (lead guitar, backing vocals), Tom Petersson (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Bun E. Carlos (drums, percussion). For several years in the 1980s, Petersson was not in the band. However, he came back, and the band continued to tour with the original line-up.

Rumor has it that they got their name after seeing a Slade show. Slade, an English glam rock band, used "every cheap trick in the book" during their performance. Cheap Trick has also become famous for their live shows. Rick Nielson often plays a variety of unusual guitars. Some of his axes have multiple necks (one is shaped like him and the double necks are his legs.) Petersson is credited with having invented the 12-string bass.

During the 2000's, Cheap Trick had a resurgence including being featured in the video game Guitar Hero.


Heart is a classic rock band formed in Bellevue, Washington by sisters Nancy and Ann Wilson. Though they went through a power ballad stage in the 1980s, they started and returned to a hard rock sound.

There first several albums sold millions and contained quite a few hits including Crazy On You, Magic Man and Barracuda. In 1989, Ann Wilson recorded a hit song with Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, Surrender To Me. During the 2000s, Heart was exposed to a new generations of fans by being included on the video games Guitar Hero II and III.

Heart's rcording studio, Bad Animals, has been the basis for many Seattle bands including R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Candlebox. All these bands have credited Heart as a major influence.

In 2008, Journey went on tour with Heart and Cheap Trick. (Concert Review)

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