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Last night i went with a bunch of kids to the navy base for the free cheap trick concert... they all had a blast... i got em up real close to the stage.

one was on my shoulders and we made it the whole way to the rail at the stage. we were hanging out up there singing and dancing... when tom peterson waved to her. she got a real thrill out of that. (as she was already impressed with the 12-string bass he invented.)

rick was in great form, too... the kids got a kick outta the guitar shaped like him. and, i said... sometimes he'll bring out a guitar with 3 necks. then, i paused and said... sometimes he'll bring out a guitar with 4 necks. then, i paused and said... sometimes he'll bring out a guitar with 5 necks.

heehe... so when he brought one out i said... gee... how many necks are on that guitar... they counted up... 1,2,3,4,5

twas really a sight to see

robin still looks and sounds great

now, the only kinda sad part was bun e... he's long been one of my favorite drummers. though he was still right on, it looks like the many years of repetitive motion was taking it's toll... ahh well, at least he was still playing.

and, ya know... it's really weird hanging out in a military base... ya forget that there is a city within a city there. they were selling things... even beer... but you had to buy a ticket. they had all navy police... except for one state policeman. i saw no local police... but local fire and rescue was inside. so, i asked the boys if they knew what would happen if they got caught doing something they shouldn't be? the brig... heeehe

it'll likely be quite a blow to the local economy when the base closes... all depends on what they do with all that ground... and how contaminated the soil is?

Bun E. looked a hundred years old 20+ years ago. Nothing new there.

heeehe... i always liked the way they put the two geeks on the back of the cover... and the "rockers" on the front cover. i appreciate someone that is that far up the food chain... and can still laugh at themselves

In the early days my band covered California Man, I Want You to Want Me, Ain't That A Shame, and my favorite Surrender. Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright..........heehee they just seem a little weird. Some Indonesian junk that's goin' round.........

oh yeah! i was surprised at how many teenagers and youngin's knew the music... but, i guess doing movie soundtracks... and tv theme show music (like that 70's show) has kept em in front of some kids (cuz it's tough for any of em to get radio play of their new stuff anymore. how do you get it so kids will get a chance to hear your music... mtv doesn't even play much m in their tv no more?)

Petersson was alway a flirt with the ladies and Nielson has maybe a thousand guitars in his personal collection. How do you play them all?

hmmm... very interesting to think about that question... 1,000 guitars... many of which have multiple necks... so, i'm trying to calculate how many fingers you'd need to play 'em all at once. hmmm... or, i suppose you could just line em up on the floor... in say a d tunin'? then just run along side with a pick? heehe

if you're interested, i think the songs played was sumpin' like this (though not in quite the right order, perhaps.)

Hello There
Big Eyes
Best Friend
Never Had A Lot To Lose
I Know What I Want
The Flame
I Want You To Want Me
Southern Girls
California Man
Dream Police
Goodnight Now

which mas a lil' surprisin to me... because... they had done a song for the movie soundtrack to top gun, Mighty Wings. i'd thought that might have been why they picked 'em to play at the navel air base. but, they didn't play that song. which was ok with me... heehe... cuz i like these ones better.

ahhhh.............The Flame................Robin's big love ballad.....a little sappy for me but it gave them an even larger audience for which I do not blame them.

heehe... that was the cue for the team on the move with me... when they play the flame, we'll take the opportunity to change our position... and, use the bathrooms.

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