Queen + Paul Rodgers Concert Review Live in Philadelphia

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We are going down to the show tonight if anyone wants to go?

Oh, man! I'm salivating........ where are they playing?

My bass player has the DVD of them live in performance. Queen had to drop some song keys so Rodgers could hit the notes (Freddie was special). They also do a bunch of Free and Bad Company tunes as well. Go and enjoy.

Thanx! Yeah... they are at the Spectrum tonight.

I read an interview with Paul Rodgers and they asked him about his range and not singing certain songs....

He said it wasn't true... it's that they have too many songs. May originally offered 50/50 on the songs... but Paul said "I'm really flattered, but you guys haven't toured in 25 years, so it should be your moment."

I've never seen may, so this will be fun for me... and, I just discovered the free song, Wishing Well... so, I'm hopin' they play that tonight.


Free -- Wishing Well, Fire and Water, All Right Now, My Brother Jake, Mr. Big... great guitarist now deceased, Paul Kossoff.

Brian May built his own guitar with his Dad and still plays it. One of the most lyrical soloists out there... great use of hand vibrato.

The Next Day

Sooo... you are right. Great guitar stuff!

I was trying to watch his hands... because he seemed to be doing a whole bunch of production with his right hand... lot of thumb use... volume... vibrato... and I still couldn't tell what type of pick he was using. Paul was right on, too. He looked fit and sounded great. The stage had 3 runners... one to each side and one way out into the center of the auditorium. He'd run out and back and off to the sides carrying the mic stand in his trademark fashion. 3 or 4 different costume changes... ending up in a tai kwon do type suit.

Though they didn't play Wishing Well, I was pleasantly surprised with a real old queen song they pulled out -- Dragon Attack

Another highlight was when the stage floor opened... and up comes Paul sitting at a minigrand piano... playing Bad Company.

We were in a perfect spot to see him rise-up. And, then to hear the whole place singing as he got more intense... and as he got more intense the whole place singing louder... in a great n' powerful cycle.

Our vantage point also allowed for a good view of rodger. He was playing loud and hard... and didn't miss a beat (which is harder to do the older you get.) His voice was in top form, too.

Yeah... there was a lot more energy than I had expected... just as full of spirit as they ever were!

here's the whole set-list:
Intro - Beautiful Day
Reaching Out
Tie Your Mother Down
Fat Bottomed Girls
I Want To Break Free
Take Love
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Love Of My Life
Hammer To Fall
Feel Like Makin' Love
Drum Solo
I'm In Love With My Car
Guitar Solo
Last Horizon
Bad Company
Can't Get Enough
Another One Bites The Dust
Dragon Attack
These Are The Days Of Our Lives
Radio Ga Ga
The Show Must Go On
Bohemian Rhapsody
We Will Rock You
All Right Now
We Are The Champions

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