Styx Concert Review

Set List (not necessarily in order):
Blue Collar Man
Grand Illusion
Too Much Time On My Hands
I Am The Walrus (Beatles & Various Other Covers)
Fooling Yourself
Miss America
Come Sail Away

James "J.Y." Young – vocals, guitars, synthesizers (1972–present)
Tommy Shaw – vocals, guitars, mandolin, autoharp, synthesizers (1975–1983, 1995– present)
Todd Sucherman – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1995–present)
Lawrence Gowan – vocals, keyboards,synthesizers, guitar (1999–present)
Ricky Phillips – bass guitar, vocals (2003–present)
Chuck Panozzo – bass guitar, backing vocals (1972–present; is currently a part-time member, appearing as a "guest musician")

Though the show in Camden, New Jersey, was billed as Def Leppard with Styx, we were more interested in seeing Styx with Def Leppard. (See the Live 8 review for more info. on Def Leppard.)

So, a bunch of kids n' me piled in a car and headed to the show. Only being able to afford lawn seats, we were a little sad at how far from the stage we were sitting. An 'ole timer like me is experienced in concert seating. Within a short period of time, we were all "sitting pretty" in the close up, reserved, box seats. Yes, it really helped us feel the music.

Tommy Shaw and James Young looked and sounded as good as ever. Two of rocks most rocking guitarists on stage at the same time makes you realize how much of a hard rock band Styx really was... or is. Dennis DeYoung was certainly a large part of their albums. But, he wasn't missed on this tour. There were no ballads. There was no cute music or overly pop songs. There was just straight forward in your face and in your ears ROCK!

It's hard to pick out a favorite song: up on your feet dancing to Too Much Time; a medley of hard rock and heavy metal covers (including Ozzy) was like a mini-concert in itself; though I wasn't expecting it, Fooling Yourself was phenomenal; Miss America was probably the hardest rocking of the hard rock; when they got to the part of Come Sail Away that explodes, so did the crowd; and, Renegade... well, what can I say? "The jig is up, the news is out. They finally found me!"

Tommy Shaw and James Young were energized. Moving all about and interplaying with each other. I'd never seen Lawrence Gowan perform. Although some people think he's a little over the top, I appreciated his stage presence -- jumping, dancing, prancing and spinning his keyboard all around. At this show, we were also fortunate to have them bring Chuck Panozzo out for quite a few of the songs making the rhythm section all the more robust.

The only complaint we were left with was the length of the show. An hour just isn't enough to cross the river Styx. We could have spent a lifetime.

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