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The Zombies, Rod Argent, The Mooney Suzuki, The Woggles, The Fleshtones

Go-go girls? Geeze! Wonder why they ever went by the way-side? One thing is for sure, the show was a show from start to finish. With four or more bands playing back-to-back, it could feel like four bands playing back-to-back. Not with Little Steven's production.

Being fairly familiar with The Zombies and Argent music, one might think that everything before would just be "filler". No. That was not the case with this gig. No, not at all. Perhaps another factor adding to the buzz was a real, live radio announcer -- Debbi Calton. Having someone come out on stage and getting everyone hyped up was a nice bonus.

The depth of all the acts was impressive. The interaction with the audience with all the acts... was impressive. Then, to have go-go girls stuff tie it all together made for all that much more fun. There were many, many highlights that you had to be there to appreciate. The easiest way to put it -- a good time. One everlasting impression that sums up a lot of little impressivenesses is The Woggles. As luck might have it, I was lucky enough to have been exposed to the Woggles a while ago. God, Almighty! Can they get ya going.

As for Colin Blunstone, he sounded great. The whole Zombie scene was keen. The rhythm section as solid as you can get. Rod Argent, on songs like Hold Your Head High, could make your spine tingle. It was more than just knowing some songs so well. It was the input from the people on stage that made it possible for the energy to fester into synergy. Who would of thought this from some ancient 60's & 70's rock-n-roll monsters? These Zombies came to life!

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