Hans Brinker

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The crack is starting to show,
I've been trying to let you know,
But, my finger's in the dyke,
So, I dare not let go,
'less disaster strike.

When the dam lets loose,
What path will you choose?
When the banks are breached,
Spilling on all that can be reached,
Will you bring good news?

The crack is springing leaks,
It's been going on for weeks,
Hope you can swim like a pike,
With the zeal of an eel,
Cause legs won't make this hike.

At a time like this we need Hans Brinker --
Let each and everyone be a thinker!
Maybe we can all help save the day...
In some little way?

Na na na na na... you can't catch me,
Because I'm free to be.

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