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"Politics is the entertainment arm of industry."
-- Frank Zappa

A class project of
InternetU.org's College of Governance.

Global Warming | The Hijacking of the Republican Party | Financial Forecast and Economic Outlook | The Economic Monsters: Inflation and Interest Rates | The Trashing of the Enviornment | Trade Wars: Tariffs, Restrictions and Retaliation | A Capitalist Growth Economy | Radical Christian Terrorists and the Zombie Apocalypse | Terror Threats in the USA | Democracy and Inequality in the USA | FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) | The Resistance

PAC Mission Statement


We collect information on domestic issues and global issues.

This is a website set-up to discuss, analyze and refine the issues raised. We solicit individuals, organizations, candidates and those holding political office to support the findings. Feel free to join us and share any great ideas.



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More God Awe Full Detail

The reason for creating a variety of websites is to allow for interaction between individuals... at their convenience. We will study models*, publish opinion, and ask questions on the following topics:

Agriculture and Food
Budget and Spending
Business, Industry, and Consumers
Civil Rights
Economic Development
Environmental Protection
Financial Institutions
Financial Management
Government Operations
Income Security
Information Management
International Affairs
International Relations
Justice and Law Enforcement
National Defense
Natural Resources
Science, Space, and Technology
Social Services
Special Publications
Tax Policy and Administration
Veterans Affairs

Our intent is to gain knowledge through this dialogue.

The only promise that I can make to you is --

I will cast my vote for President and Vice President of the United States based on the consensus of The Committee.
In the event that a suitable candidate does not run for the office, my options will be reevaluated

*About Our Models
In 1994, The Membrane Domain was set-up in an effort to create a mock-up universe... a microcosm. Extensive research and development is taking place (which covers the above mentioned topics and utilizes a wide range of testing methods.) Collection, organization, presentation, frequency distribution, population parameters, probability, random variables, chaotic variables, distribution moments, The Bernoulli Process, costs vs. benefits, Poisson probability distribution, binomial distribution, hypergeometric probability distribution, sample size, the concept of utility, the time value of money, probabilistic decision-making, Bayesian decision-making, decision trees, rules of inference, and other similar notions are implicit in our studies.

The Committee intends to poke the microcosm to see what happens. Why not the macrocosm, as well...?