The Energy to Heal

Karen A. Fairman, RN Certified IET Therapist, Master IET Instructor, State Certified Health Educator

Karen A. Fairman, RN Within each one of us is the capacity to create our own healing sanctuary. We all have the ability to use the universal life energy that surrounds us to help heal our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual illnesses. Some call this energy spirit, chi, prana, universal life force, love, argon... what you will call it is wonderful.

The new millennium brings upon us a renewed awareness and interest in healing techniques of the ages. Modern medicine is now realizing that the person who seeks to retore optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health can greatly benefit from using alternative and complementary holistic healing methods. On the forefront of holistic healing is "energy therapy".

Energy therapy is the art of healing with the pure energy that is within and surrounds all matter, especially the human body, mind and spirit.

Energy should flow unrestricted within our body in a system similar to our blood vessel system. We are given this energy to nourish and heal our organs and systems, and also to maintain mental, emotional and spiritual balance. When we experience physical or emotional trauma, surgery, disease, suppressed feelings, stress, or fear in current or previous life events our energy flow becomes restricted. These restrictions create "energy blocks" similar to a beaver dam blocking the flow of a river. Energy blocks can remain with us for years and lifetimes. When the flow is restricted, our body reacts by creating or making us susceptible to diseases, emotional and mental disorders, spiritual disconnection and a perceived inability to cope and move forward in our health and life wellness.

An energy therapy practitioner will diagnose energy flow, treat the energy body within their specific technique, and provide client support in many ways to promote healing and wellness at all levels. Practitioners have developed the ability to connect to the universal life force energy and bring it through their hands to provide therapeutic treatment for their clients. Energy therapy can be used alone, or as a perfect complement to many modern and holistic treatment methods.

Clearing and balancing your energy field can enhance, shorten and be a catalyst for recovery of physical and emotional diseases and disorders. During an energy therapy session you will experience a deep relaxation and a gentle release of energy blocks with the support of the energy therapy practitioner. The practitioner rebalances and renews your energy field. After treatment, many clients describe a feeling of deep inner peace, with insight and strength to continue their healing process. Many nurses, hospitals, physicians and surgeons, hospices, mental health practitioners, chiropractors, and spiritual counselors are also adding energy therapy to their prescribed treatment plan to assist their clients in self-healing and support.

You may wonder, how can I use this energy to heal? First, you need the intention to make your life whole again. To be willing to look within at your illness, your disease, your "life" as it is and what caused it to be this way. Then be willing to make the changes and commit to do what is needed to empower and heal yourself. We all have the capacity and the power to use this energy to help us heal.

Next, find a qualified and certified energy therapy practitioner with the experience, method and approach that most suits your goals. A brief description of the techniques most available today is included below. Call the practitioner and speak to him/her about how he/she would work with your goals and your treatment plan. If you are not sure where to start, have an initial consult and a session to experience the technique. If you are under the treatment of a holistic doctor or counselor, ask that he/she consults with the energy therapist about your current treatment plan and goals. Encourage teamwork! It's your life and your health you're taking charge of.

If you choose energy therapy as part of your healing plan, you will never regret your choice. At the very least, each session is a powerful and peaceful healing experience. Releasing "old" blocks to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health by using energy to help you heal, creates the healing sanctuary within your own body. Through energy therapy, your life can become totally whole again at all levels, creating a new future of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

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