Letting Go of the Old

Kristina Shaw, Acupuncturist and Colonic Therapist

We are living in some very challenging times, financially, as well as, mentally and emotionally. As much as change is needed to adjust to in these fast paced times, it is often met with ambivalence, fear, or constriction. We cannot escape change, even if it is part of our human nature to resist it! With a fresh new century upon us, there will be much change to dance to and to integrate.

One of life's constants is that change is inevitable. The universe reminds us to expand our vision beyond ourselves to see the bigger picture, so we can better appreciate that every circumstance, whether it's positive or negative, serves as an opportunity to strengthen our Spirit. Stress happens whenever our mind resists what arises in life, whether it is people, situations, or emotional reactions.

As we approach this new century, have you done some reflecting and house cleaning of your mind or your body? What, of the '90's, are you willing to let go, as we step into the new threshold of a fresh new decade? The good news is if your are not satisfied with your mind, body, or the conditions in our world as they are, we can choose to "cleanse and purify," think new thoughts, and come into alignment with the divine order of the universe. I am not suggesting the same old New Year's resolutions that you proclaim each year, which then fizzles out in the follow-through, as the week's pass by. I am challenging you to set the tone for this new century, with a shift in consciousness of body and soul! Our bodies are supposed to be the temples for our soul. So let's make the effort to truly lay the foundation of quality changes! Energy draining dead and toxic foods many of us consume, reflect and reinforce our negative thoughts and feelings. You may prove this to yourself as you cleanse your body. Cleansing the intestinal tract opens hidden doors of incredible potential. The digestive system is the hub of the entire body. As this area becomes more cleansed, other parts of the body begin to also eliminate their toxic baggage. This is especially reflective in the liver's detoxing process.

Your colon and lymphatic systems are the sewage system of your body. Because of abusive dietary habits during the holidays, the digestive tract can get clogged. Petrified bacteria multiply and get re-absorbed into the system. This puts the body into a state of "auto intoxication." Irregular bowel movements or extended periods of constipation can further hinder elimination. Some of this is re-absorbed back into the bloodstream, lowering the body's defenses against bacterias and viruses. Colon cleansing not only assists the body in eliminating intestinal wastes, it also increases nutrient absorption and assimilation.

Colon cleansing and healthy bowel management are basic and essential to the prevention of disease and the development of quality health. Colon therapy can help to remove parasites. Parasites can irritate, inflame, and coat the intestinal walls, leading to a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms and malabsorption. The colon can build up blockages just like our plumbing systems in our homes. Often colon therapy combined with herbal supplementation aids in eliminating unwanted and unsightly excess pounds without much effort, \especially in the belly area. If you are an avid eater of meat or tend to eat a lot of dairy, refined flour, and sugar products, this therapeutic process would be most beneficial. Colonics give some relief to a variety of disturbances: headaches, skin problems, OMS, lethargy, immunity challenges, intermittent constipation, and diarrhea, irritable bowels, and poor appetite.

Colonics are a cleansing process which provides a gentle, internal bath of filtered water that washes in and out of the large intestine. This procedure effectively moves toxic gases, mucous, and stagnant fecal matter from the colon wall. These things have been know to cause fatigue depression, weight gain, irritability.

The pressure-sensitive and temperature controlled water treatment used in colonics has a completely sanitary and disposable system, with the intention of removing build-up that may obstruct the elimination pathway and contribute to poor bowel function. This process is combined with the therapy of cleansing herbs and suggested modification of your diet. Once the blockage of wastes is cleared, seasonal cleansings are recommended. Many clients are satisfied with 3 - 4 treatments a year, often done at the change of the seasons or just after holidays. To maintain the highest quality of treatment, colonic therapists only use disposable speculums and hoses. The water used in the treatment is double filtered and sterilized. A series of colonics is often necessary to dislodge years of hardened waste. For someone new to colonics, three sessions done ten days apart is an effective use of colonic therapy.

The colonic process is relaxing and gentle! There is very little discomfort, no offensive odor, and no mess. The client does nothing - the Toxygen equipment does all the work. The colon therapist takes the time to put the client at ease by describing how the procedure is done and explaining the functions of the colonic equipment and sanitation. Newcomers to this procedure may be nervous or apprehensive, as we all are with the unknown. Before long they feel comfortable with the protocol and think nothing of it. There is little discomfort, no personal anxiety, only soothing conversation, music, gentle massage, and perceptible health benefits. You may consider colonics and some cleansing or fasting as a tangible New Year's resolution, to bring your mind and body back into alignment after the indulgences of holiday festivities.

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