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Pine Knob, Clarkston, MI

May 28, 1995

After seven long years due to legal battles, construction of their recording studio, and the perfectionist attitude that chief songwriter Tom Scholz has been known for, the band Boston is on a sold out tour in support of a great new CD called WALK ON. For those who are considering seeing them at Wings Stadium on August 6th, this is a must-see concert. The band is performing everything expected and more. And it's nice to see a Boston featuring key original members Scholz and vocalist Brad Delp on the same stage.

Throughout a nearly two-and-a-half hour show, Boston delivers to us every hit song from their past, as well as the newer material. They deliver note for note... and those perfect harmonies on all the songs that you remember having your car stereo jamming to back in the Seventies.

Strange, it seemed at times, how much fun the band was having, unlike playing with the straightforward musicianship we may have thought they would play. They're out there having a great time, showing how happy they are to be back again after all these years. They say they hope to stay around a little longer and not wait as long to come around again. But don't miss this tour. It's well worth the seven year wait.

- Michael Fuller

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