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Blockbuster Pavilion, Devore, CA

June 24, 2000

Is progressive rock truly still progressive, once it ages into classic rock? This was the question rolling around in my head as I took my seat for this show.

Kansas, though never given the same respect accorded Yes back in the day, did their level best to come off as more than just three hit wonders as they dug right into new songs, such as "Icarus II," from the new Someplace To Elsewhere album. And yes, they also played hits like "Dust in the Wind."

Iíve never owned any Yes music, and maybe that is why I didnít anticipate any of Steve Howeís signature guitar solos, or Jon Andersonís maze-like lyrical nuggets, like the rest of the audience.

Nevertheless, as old as these guys now look, they sure can play, as they proved with older songs like "Ritual." Even by todayís modern standards, Yes still sounds pretty darn progressive to these old ears.

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