"Demo Reviews"

The Julia Set


This band plays the brand of explosive, guitar-driven alternative pop/rock that so many Michigan bands are churning out (that unique "Michigan sound"), though not usually this crisply. There's even some Seattle-recalling aggression on "Somewhere in My Mind."

- Geoff Wilbur

Uncle Knucklefunk

P.O. Box 6660, Toledo, OH 43613

Hey, what's in a name? With no prior knowledge of this fine Toledo band's style of music, their moniker suggest a gaggle of crazy white guys, with funny haircuts, who parade on stage with socks on their privates (hmmm, sounds familiar). But when the strains of the opening track "Hippie" wafted through my speakers, a Southern fried freak flag wavin' call to arms was more the order of the day! Uncle Knucklefunk fills a musical void that is a link between the nineties and the prior influences of bands like Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. MT. FUNKMORE is an extremely solid album on all fronts, and the band's blend of gutsy vocals, chunky leads, and soulful arrangements just can't be beat!

- Eric Harabadian


1917 Van Buren Rd. #1, Saginaw, MI 48602

Punk with a sense of humor -- what a concept! This lo-fi recording features the "graduation day anthem" "No Diploma," as well as the clever "Vader Rap," with guitar riffs mimicking the Star Wars theme. With five rockers and one ballad, it's a nice sampler of a band I'd like to hear more of under better production conditions.

- Eric Harabadian

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