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by Geoff Wilbur
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John Serrie ē Century Season: The Space Music of John Serrie

Miramar Recordings
This stuff is so relaxing! John Serrieís double-CD album transports you to outer space, just as the title suggests... floating, soaring, resting, dreaming... This is a relaxing trip -- great music to accompany almost any activity.

Daniel Ray Edwards ē I Like It That Way

c/o Midnight Special Productions, P.O. Box 916, Hendersonville, TN 37077
Upbeat, uptempo, hopeful new country music from a full, clean, fun vocalist. Disc-opener "'Til I Met You" is a stellar track, while "Just For One Night" is a real tearjerker. And Daniel does a fun cover of "Brown Eyed Girl." The song that shows off his best hit potential? Itís the ballad "Iíll Always Remember You."

The Country Express Rolliní Your Way

Stardust Records Int'l, 341 Billy Goat Hill Rd., Winchester, TN 37398
Rooster Quantrell opens this disc with "Lifeís Little Ups and Downs," showcasing his booming country voice in a twangy (with a hint of new country) setting. Pap and the Sidemenís rollickiní "Raisiní the Dickens" certainly qualifies as a ditty, as sure as Kim Anthony croons the following track, "The Bottle." Frank Mabryís "Looks Like Your Memoryís Here to Stay" returns the tempo to "up," as itís a fast-paced, fun dancefloor filler. Another uptempo number follows, with Mark Huhtaís voice energetically powering "If I Only Had Her." Michael Apidgian follows with a heart-wrenching rendition of "Dannyís Song." Dick Shuey and the Cowboy Rhythm Band follow with a fun old-fashioned country romp, "A Good Old Country Song." Clint Millerís "Iíll Fly Away" continues the pickiní Ďn grinniní fun, while his "In the Garden" is a slower track that showcases Clintís crooning. Erin Hayís "Bad Luck" is a return to fun AM radio, pop-influenced country. J.L. Caldwell puts heart and soul into the reminiscent "Between a Rock & a Heartache." Chance Martinís booming, Johnny Cash-esque vocals drive "Weíre All Here," a catchy track thatíll soon be the theme song of many a funny farm. Tracey K. Houstonís voice is strong as she delivers a heart-torn reality to "The Girl in Oklahoma" thatíll choke you up at least a couple times during this song. Brant Millerís stylistic vocals add a modern rock vocal edge to "Big Black Hole" to great effect. Jerri Arnoldís "Married Bachelor" lends an old-fashioned flavor to what could just as easily be a new country hit. B.J. Young delivers "Most Every Night" with her full, strong, powerful voice. Danny Wear blends his old-style mid-range voice with deep vocals for emphasis on the mid-tempo, enjoyable, old-school ditty "Treat My Heart." Dave Youngís "Fifty Miles to Macon" comes across as perhaps a seventies pop-country number thatíd be a lounge favorite -- very strong song. Elliott Pacettiís "Wake Up Sleeping Beauty" is a slow-paced, twanginí country ballad. Mark Montanariís "Get Into Country" is a raw, hipster rock influenced tune. Dodie Frost delivers "Country Thru & Thru" with a Gospel feel, blending musical power with spoken-word delivery, suggesting that country music and country life is something of a religious experience. The Whites close the CD with the energetic, old-style country picker Ďn fiddler "To See My Grandma."

Michael Martin ē Tennessee Crazy

Copperhead Records, c/o Midnight Special Productions, P.O. Box 916, Hendersonville, TN 37077
Michael mixes a modern country flavor with traditional twanging, booming vocals and good pickiní and steel guitar to give the music a timeless sound. Disc-opener "Money Hungry Woman" will put a smile on your face. My other favorite track is the energetic title track, "Tennessee Crazy." Michael also shows he can croon with the best of Ďem on "If Guitars Were Guns."

Bunnie Mills ē Who Is Our President?

Greenback Records, P.O. Box 8074, Bossier City, LA 71113
Talk about being timely! Bunnie and gang got this one out quickly enough to get it played on Fox News while the election was still in doubt. Unfortunately, we missed getting the review into the Winter issue (which itself came out after the election was decided), but itís still a fun, lightly instrumented, old-fashioned country song featuring Bunnieís emotive, traditional vocals.

Karen Nash ē Gas, Food & Lodging

Highway Records, 5850 W. 3rd St., Suite 298, LA, CA 90036
You can hear "crossover hit" when you listen to Karenís voice, a folky country mix thatís pleasant and emotional, with variety from song to song -- even from phrase to phrase -- that gives her music staying power. Country, AC, and pop radio should all take notice. "I Wish He Didnít Love Me" is poignant and would be a guaranteed top ten hit with the right backing. In a good piece of song placement, "Gas, Food and Lodging" follows with its vibrant energy to pick the listener back up a bit. Among other tracks, youíll lose a bit of your soul listening to "Gone," and "Leaving Nashville" will leave you with a lump in your throat. Gas, Food & Lodging is, indeed, the latest from an as-yet undiscovered country gem.

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