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Spring 2001
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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: This online edition features special bonus coverage -- in addition to the usual interviews and reviews from the Street Edition, this online edition also includes interviews and reviews from the Spring 2001 Country Music Industry Edition of Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter!  (The Country Music Industry Edition is usually only available in print format!)  So enjoy!

  • Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter Facts and Info -- Are you getting it? 
  • Publisher's Note -- a Note from Publisher Geoff Wilbur 
  • The Staff -- Who does what at Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter?

  • Geographic Listing of Writers and Their E-Mail Addresses -- Invite Your Local Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter Writer Out to Cover Your Show 
  • MP3 Radio Stations -- Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter's MP3 Radio Stations at
  • Not Just Sid Bernstein -- an interview with Sid Bernstein 
  • Glenn Hughes' Rock 'N Roll Daze -- an interview with Glenn Hughes 
  • Talkin' KanawhaPalooza With Brad -- an interview with Brad Bradley, organizer of KanawhaPalooza 
  • Keb' Mo'... Brought to You by Martha Stewart and the Letter K -- an article about Keb' Mo'
  • Bellamy Brothers, Ty Herndon On Redneck Game Show -- an article about the appearance of the Bellamy Brothers and Ty Herndon Hell Yes I'm a Redneck 
  • Sticky Fingaz In Two Movies At Sundance Festival -- an article about Sticky Fingaz 
  • Hermann Lammers Meyer's Country Style -- an interview with Hermann Lammers Meyer
  • Judy Welden's Lifetime of Country -- an interview with Judy Welden
  • Elvis Carden -- Singing His Way -- an interview with Elvis Carden
  • The Strange World of The Baghdaddios -- an interview with Kenn Rowell of The Baghdaddios
  • Coloring the World blue number nine -- an interview with Stefanie Seskin of blue number nine
  • Honoring Jimmy Rogers -- an article about a trip to Chicago to see a street-naming ceremony for Jimmy Rogers

  • Slavicsky's Smorgasbord -- Al Slavicsky's Review Column

  • Featuring CDs including Millennium Hip-Hop Party, the Drive Me Crazy Soundtrack Sampler, Great R&B Female Groups -- Hits of the '60s, Rock This, Livin' La Vida Loco Tour Sampler, Year of the Dragon, Thumbprints 99, Victory Style 4, The Last Soul Company, and Heavy Metal 2000 Sampler, and CDs from Grade, Burning Heads, Earth Crisis, Aaron Carter, Stan Mosley, Judy Garland, Mel Waiters, The Busters, The Chancers, Wolfpac, Little Milton, Soulfly, DJ Hemp, The Beatles, Don Phillip, The Aquabats, and the Backstreet Boys

  • Dan's Reviews -- Dan MacIntosh's Review Column

  • Featuring CDs from Dirtball, Used Carlotta, Lower East Side Stitches, Kenny Chesney, Punk Chartbusters, Punk Chartbusters 2, Punk Chartbusters Vol. 3, and Laura Kittle

  • Mike's Reviews -- MikeSOS's Review Column

  • Featuring CDs from Siebenburgen, Sinner, Mental Home, Until the End, The August Prophecy, Disturbed, Dreadnaught, Power From the North, Nevermore, Strung Out, Night In Gales, Boy Sets Fire, Papa Roach, Shelter, Soul Reaper, Stuck Mojo, Incantation, Raise Hell, River City Rebels, Mayhem, Eidolon, Scene Report, Vader, Nickelback, Sanctus, Brainstorm, King Diamond, Earth Crisis, The Crown, Queens Of the Stone Age, Destruction, Vanderhoof, Nativity in Black 2, Ultraspank, Doro, One Minute Silence, Sick Of It All, Soilwork, The Worldwide Tribute to the Real Oi, Dracula 2000, Into Eternity, Smokin' Joe Denson, Cock Sparrer, Starlight Mints, Drastic Action, Kickability, Afflitus, Skyclad, 3rd Root, Sloth Frenzy, Linkin Park, The Guttersnipes, Southforty, Darkwell, Che, and Filthy Thievin' Bastards
  • Publisher's Corner -- GWRN Publisher Geoff Wilbur's Review Column

  • Featuring CDs from John Serrie, Daniel Ray Edwards, The Country Express Rollin' Your Way, Michael Martin, Bunnie Mills, and Karen Nash

  • Album & Demo Reviews -- The GWRN Staff reviews CDs from James Rider and Bronwen Barnett
  • Concert Review -- Diane Anderson reviews Tesla at the First Ave. Bar in Minneapolis, MN
  • The Local Scene -- Music News from Lansing, MI, New Hampshire, Cleveland, OH, and Dallas, TX and, as a special bonus, the "Featured Band News" section from the Spring 2001 Country Music Industry Edition

  • Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter Classified Ads

  • Hey Bands! -- How to Get Mentioned in Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter

  • Printable Subscription Form -- an easy way to get the print edition of the Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsltter sent right to your door; you can subscribe to the Industry and Country Music Industry Editions, which cover only unsigned and independent bands and are only available in print format 
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