"Slavicsky's Smorgasbord"

by Al Slavicsky
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Millennium Hip-Hop Party

Rhino Entertainment Company
This is the ultimate compilation of hip-hop classics and standards mixed into a party mix. Contains such classics as Grandmaster Flash & Mellie Mel's anti-cocaine anthem "White Lines Don't Do It," the Run D.M.C. rap cover of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way," the Foreign-Kiss sampled "Funky Cold Medina" by Tone Loc, the exotic dance which Digital Underground made famous "The Humpty Dance," Young MC's "Bust A Move," the party groover of Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock's "It Takes Two" which has been used on many commercials, M.C. Hammer's  instant classic "U Can't Touch This," Will Smith's first big hit of "Parents Just Don't Understand" listed as  D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, LL Cool J's ode to classy women "Around The Way Girl,"  the Spandau Ballet's "True" sampled on P.M. Dawn's "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss," the 1992 funk-rap tune about the state of  "Tennessee" by Arrested Development, Heavy D. & The Boyz harmonized rap tune "Now That We Found Love," later-to-be-actor-known-as-Mark Wahlberg's rap tune with Loleatta Holloway on Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch's "Good Vibrations," the ode to big butted women Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back," DJ Lethal and Everlast as House of Pain doing "Jump Around," Naughty By Nature's party anthem "Hip Hop Hooray,"  the great gangsta rap song of  Snoop Doggy Dogg's "What's My Name," and closing the CD is Dr. Dre's "Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang" featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg with their ode to west coast party anthem. This is a must for any party.

Drive Me Crazy Soundtrack Sampler

Jive Records
Highlighting various tunes from the movie with Melissa Joan Hart which was a blockbuster bust. However the tunes here are hot, including the hit by Britney Spears "(You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix!)" presented here in an exclusive edited version plus Don Philips' "Sugar," Plumb's "Stranded," and Steps' "One For Sorrow" (which was a minor hit). Overall, this sampling from the soundtrack is good, but the material on the rest of the album looks better, for it contains music from Less Than Jake, Barenaked Ladies, and Jars of Clay.

Great R&B Female Groups -- Hits of the '60s

K-Tel Records
Great compilation of a time when girl groups ruled the charts. Contains classics remastered for CD such as The Shirelles - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," The Marvelettes - "Please Mr. Postman," The Dixie Cups  - "Chapel of Love," The Ad-Libs - "The Boy From New York City," The Jayettes - "Sally, Go 'Round The Roses," The Toys - "A Lover's Concerto,"  The Globes - "I Stand Accused (of Loving You)," The Inkettes - "I'm Blue," The Sweet Inspirations - "Sweet Inspiration," and The Mirettes - "In The Midnight Hour." Granted, these songs sound better on the unmastered vinyl version, but if you want to hear them on your car or home CD player, please check this release out and you would not be disappointed.

Rock This

Island/Def Jam Recordings
Containing some of today's heavy hitters of rock. This is a cheap way to hear bands of tomorrow today. Bands featured include Full Devil Jacket with their AOR radio hit "Stain" and the album track "Mr. Wiggly." Full Devil Jacket plays hard edge groove metal in the vein of System of a Down fused with Coal Chamber... impressive; the next band is the metalcore crossover band Primer 55 who has two tracks -- the album version of "Loose" and the exclusive demo version of "The Big F**k You"... if you like Limp Bizkit, Korn, or Dope, then Primer 55 will fill your needs; Chicago's Relative Ash have two exclusive demo versions of songs which are slated to appear on their forthcoming Island/Def Jam Recording debut release -- their sound is a sort of poppy hardcore metal; and the last band on the release needs no introduction, for they are the all-female heavy metal Swedish band Drain S.T.H. with the tunes "Enter My Mind," which has achieved minor AOR airplay, and the tune "Simon Says." Overall Rock This kicks butt and deserves to be a part of your collection.

Livin'  La Vida Loco Tour Sampler

Roadrunner Records
This is music from the four bands who played on the Livin'  La Vida Loco Tour -- Coal Chamber, Machine Head, Slipknot, and Amen. This is a great four-track release. Starts out with Coal Chamber's "Untrue" from their Chamber Music release; then goes into Machine Head's "Exhale The Vile" from their The Burning Red release, then the mighty Slipknot does "Eyeless" from their second release Slipknot, and the last track is Amen's "Coma Americka" which is pure mayhem-driven groove metal. This release is awesome, for it proves that metal is not dead. Rock on and party and learn how to live la vida loco and go crazy in the head.

Year of The Dragon

Roadrunner Records
If you are into listening to some metal and upcoming metal bands, then this release is definitely for you. Contains two songs from Machine Head's The Burning Red -- "Desire To Fire" and "Silver." For those who have never heard Machine Head, their sound is like a modern day Biohazard fused with rapcore. The next band Reveille does "The Phoenix" from their album Laced, and the style of the music which the band plays is sort of 311 meet Rage Against The Machine or Limp Bizkit on the song. The last band featured here is one band which is destined to bring their sound to the masses for they are in the forefront of  today's hip-hop core movement -- Primer 55 doing "Loose" from their release Introduction to Mayhem. This song has remix all over it, for one can see it being remixed by Chuck D and Public Enemy. Overall, a great sampler highlighting the Year of The Dragon tour which all the bands played on.

Thumbprints 99

Blue Thumb Records/The Verve Music Group
Five selections from five great artists. This sampler highlights the sounds of Blue Thumb Records and contains music by Mighty Mo Rodgers - "No Regrets," Lucky Peterson - "Ta' Ta You," Joe Louis Walker - "Trouble On Wheels," Robben Ford - "Lovin' Cup," and Clarence "Gatemouth" Carter - "Without You Baby." Great blues music which today's contemporary blues fans would enjoy, and also a great way to hear some of today's top-rated blues musicians and groove with them.

Victory Style 4

Victory Records
The fourth volume of the Victory Style CD compilation series is the best representation of  some of  the best material in Victory Records' musical history. 23 tracks of hardcore, punk, and ska are included here with bands such as Earth Crisis, Shelter, Hatebreed, Grey Area, Integrity 2000, Buried Alive, Grade, Snapcase, Electric Frankenstein, Shutdown, Cause For Alarm, Skarhead, Catch 22, Blood For Blood, All Out War, OS101, Strife, Boy Sets Fire, The Strike, Warzone, River City Rebels, Reach The Sky, and No Innocent Victim. There is something for everyone here and is a great way to sample who is who in the Victory Records music assault. Highly recommended.

The Last Soul Company

This double CD set highlights the history of Malaco Records from its beginning as a recording studio in 1968 to present. Contains some of the lesser known hits for the label plus some unreleased gems including  "Looking For My Pig" by Haran Griffin which is a humorous song which has references to the old nursery rhyme but done in a sexual double entendre way and Eddie Houston's "I Can't Go Wrong" which has a Percy Sledge-Otis Redding sound. This record contains such artists as Carl Sims, Stan Mosley, ZZ Hill, Latimore, Little Milton, Bobby "Blues" Bland, The Beat Daddys, Shirley Brown, Poonanny, and more. This is the definite collection of what is Malaco Records and a must for any collection of soul, R&B, and blues.

Heavy Metal 2000 Sampler

Restless Records
Great sampler to the Heavy Metal 2000 soundtrack which contains six snippets from songs off the album. Included here are Monster Magnet's "Silver Future," Pantera's "Immortally Insane," Days of the New's "Rough Day," Insane Clown Posse with Twiztid's "Dirtball," Hate Dept.'s "Hit Back," and Queens of the Stone Age's "Infinity." Wonder if any of these songs would be as big as Sammy Hagar's "Heavy Metal" or Devo's "Working In A Coalmine" from the first movie's soundtrack -- who knows? However, this soundtrack does look like it has some of the best upcoming bands of the future on it. So pick it up and go see the movie. Heavy Metal magazine continues to make the forefront and cutting edge of music and animation, so sample some of the music... you may like it.

Grade Triumph & Tragedy

Victory Records
Grade continues to prove that punk has never died. Sounding a bit like Rancid, a bit like the Clash, and a bit like the Germs, Grade does three impressive songs on this CD. "Triumph & Tragedy" and "Stolen Bikes Ride Faster" will please any new radical punk out there, for they are strong tunes that groove with the passion of raw, high-energy punk. But this Oakville, Ontario, Canada band redefines the old Van Halen classic "Panama" by creating a new blending to the song and molding it into a new punk anthem. Any band who can make Van Halen sound refreshing is awesome. If you must check out one new band, then make it Grade, for they pull the grade to A+ and really rock. Add this to your collection now.

NOTE: Due to space constraints, the following reviews were not included in the print editions of Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter.  These reviews are only available here in the online edition.

Burning Heads Escape

Victory Records
Remember when bands like Agnostic Front, Capitol Punishment, Circle Jerks, and White Kaps ruled the scene in the early 1980's. Well, Burning Heads brings back that sound to the world and moves your ass off into a new direction of  musical bliss with these viva la France style punks. 15 punk diamond gems whith "Iron Dick," "Wise Guy," and "A Bitter Taste" being the tunes that stand up and burn your speakers. And if you decide to put the CD into your PC, you can see videos to "A Bitter Taste" and "Wise Guy" which are kewl to watch and comedical at moments. Burning Heads proves to the world that punk is not dead, only living in the underground. One of the better enhanced CDs, too.

Earth Crisis Last of the Sane

Victory Records
Where the band's last album Slither ended off, Last of the Sane continues to prove that Earth Crisis is the force to reckoned with the 2000s. The production is top-rated, and the mix down is more intense than any release which was made in the hardcore music vain. Earth Crisis reforms the genre and gets right into your face with hard driving guitars and vocals which are easy to understand, while the drums do not overpower either bass, guitars, or vocals. Upon listening to Last of the Sane, one can see that Earth Crisis' soul may be hardcore, but metal is in their heart, especially when they cover the Black Sabbath classic "Childern of the Grave," Led Zeppelin's "Wanton Song," The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black," Dead Kennedys' "Holiday In Cambodia," The Misfits' "Earth A.D.,"  DVS's "City to City," and the almighty Slayer's "Hell Awaits." In true Earth Crisis fashion, of course, the band brings new sparkle to these classics. Plus, the band includes four songs from the band's winter-spring 1996 recording which included "Earth A.D." plus the unreleased songs "The Order," "Broken Foundation," and "Gomorrah's Season End." Hard to believe these tracks where recorded way back then, for they sound as fresh as when they recorded today. Better, the key to the release is the new song which was recorded in November 2000 called "Panic Floods," for it is in the vain of Pantera or Slayer with its strong vulgar display of hard edge metal with a grindish beat. Last of the Sane is the release that will set the standard for all metal and hardcore albums in the 2000s. You will be insane if you don't pick up this release.

Aaron Carter Aaron's Party: Come & Get It

Jive Records
Impressive debut by this young singing sensation marketed to the young crowd. Aaron Carter is the younger brother of Nick Carter, who does a voice cameo on the "Big Brother" interlude on the release. Aaron does some great tunes, especially two interesting covers -- "Iko Iko" and "I Want Candy" -- which club and radio should pick up due to their dance beat. Out of the new tunes which Aaron does, notable are "Aaron Party's (Come Get It)," which is about a teen party, and "My Internet Girl," which is devoted to internet love which a lot of teenagers and even older people can relate to. Overall, this is great release and one of the best pop dance records out there. Nick, watch out, for your brother is going to be bigger than you.

Aaron Carter "Aaron's Party (Come & Get It)" CD single

Jive Records
This is the first single off the debut Aaron Carter CD, and the tune is a about a wild teenage house party which goes out of control. It is very danceable and reminds one of the old school rap tunes. A great party jam for all. The second track is a combination of two snippets of two songs from the album -- "I Want Candy" and "Bounce" -- which is a teaser for the full length release and is very impressive with its sort of mini-mix style. The third track is the non-CD song "Jump Jump" which is a cool dance jam for your parties and could be a real good tune to use at teenage dances. The last track on the CD is unlisted on the CD sleeve is a 51-second talk with  Aaron Carter promoting the CD and album.  A great single to keep it real by from one of the most talented rising stars in the pop music world today.

Stan Mosley "I'm Not the Man I Used To Be" CD single

Malaco Records
R&Bish song which is down home to the sound of the old Stax Records releases of the late 1960s. This song is about a gentleman who reflects on his past and how his life changed. Stan Mosley wails a tune and rocks and makes you cry, for you can feel the pain which he went through. Rarely a CD single is this great, but Stan proves that he is one of the best singers in the world today. On a scale of 1 to 10, this single gets a strong 9.8 rating, for it is nearly perfect.

Judy Garland Live at Carnegie Hall

Capitol Records
Judy Garland, known to millions of fans for her role as "Dorothy" in the classic film Wizard of Oz, made show business history on April 23, 1961 with her concert at Carnegie Hall where 3,165 people attended her show.  She proved that she was one of the great entertainers in music history, doing 24 songs, and the crowd still wanted more and she did two show stopping songs as an encore. Capitol Records has captured his show, complete and uncut, and digitally remastered the show so that fans and music lovers can relive that moment again. Powerful Judy wails out such classics as "When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)," "Alone Together," "San Francisco," "I Can't Give You Anything But Love," "Swanee," "Rock-A-Bye Baby With A Dixie Melody," "Stormy Weather," and "A Foggy Day" plus her signature tune "Over The Rainbow" with the aid of an orchestra under direction of Mort Lindsey. They broke the mold after Judy Garland, and this double disc proves it. So if you have never heard Judy Garland live, then check out this release, for it shows a side of Garland which few people have seen.

Mel Waiters "Material Things" CD single

Waladoxy Records
When one listens to Mel Waiters, they live the song. On this two track single, Mel demonstrates how soul music is still alive in the world. Contains two versions of the song "Material Things" -- the radio edit is designed for radio airplay and has an early fade, while the longer version has an extended fade. The song is about the material things which people value a relationship on and not focusing on true love. A very heartbroken song which shows how life and love are related. Soul music which will make you think of what love is. Highly recommended.

The Busters Welcome To Busterland

SPV GMBH/Dogsteady Records
If you need a dose of ska for your enjoyment, then check out The Busters who do some great party, two-tone style ska that rocks.  Impressively, the band reworks the Queen classic "We Are The Champions" into a ska anthem for today. Haven't heard a ska release this good since the first Specials release or early "pre-'Our House'" Madness.  Really enjoy "Don't Call Me Nuts,"
which makes one want to skank the night away. Also, the beer drinking number "Hey Bartender" is humorous and funny -- sounds like a night at the local pub. The Busters present a great release that is funny and humorous.

The Chancers Rudeboy Polka

Slavska Records
Need a dose of skanking to use your pickle on? Then check out this Czech ska band that cooks and rocks. Production is hot and great, for the band does twin-tone ska which at times sounds like what you may get when you combine The Clash with The Toasters. This is total rudeboy music, and the tracks that stand out include the sexual overtone "Rub It Easy," the rudie
song "Rudeboy Back in Jail," and the oi-ish "Tuffer Than Tomorrow."  Not polka but ska, and The Chancers are one of the best of the new breed of Czech ska band.

Wolfpac Evil Is...

Megaforce Records
Don't go messing with the Wolfpac. The masters of harccore shockcore rap are back with an insane blend of hip-hop fuses with violent and non-pc lyrics. If you thought Eminem was controversial, he looks like a good boy compared to the raunchiness of the Wolfpac. Others are mild compared to the Wolfpac, and if you really want a CD to shock yet rock the house then go get this CD, for it is da bomb 1000 times over.

Little Milton Feel It

Malaco Records
What has not been said about this blues legend?! Little Milton is back with 12 classic blues tunes that prove that he is going to achieve his place in the blues and rock 'n roll halls of fame. The tracks which are true treasures on this release are "A Juke Joint In My House" and the soulful rendition of the Kenny Rogers classic "Lady," which Kenny would be proud of, for Little Milton puts his special touch on the song. Overall one of the best R&B, soul, and blues releases in a long time.

Soulfly Primitive

Roadrunner Records
The mighty Soulfly is back, and this release is their best ever. From strart to finish, Max and the gang slaughter the house down with brutal, in-your-face metal. Demostrating that metal still rules, this release would please new and old fans of the band. "Back to the Primitive" has its roots in Brazilian tribal music combined with a big dose of hard metal.  The best track on the release is "Jump Da F-- Up," for it would make you want to jump around and mosh in your house. If you have not heard Soulfly in a while, then check out this release; you would be impressed, and if you can find the release as a special limited digi-pack,.you would be in a treat, for it contains four bonus tracks which are exclusive to that version.

DJ Hemp Mixocrist

DJ Hemp Productions
Rarely does a DJ release a compact disc of other people's music in a mix that rocks like this, but DJ Hemp combines new style technique to create a great special mix of songs from Limp Bizkit, Eminem, Jay-Z, Redman, and others. Since I am unsure if this it a special DJ mix CD to be used for promotional use only or it is a legal release, but what matters what is -- DJ Hemp ranks up there with Funkmaster Flex and DJ Scribble as one of the best hip-hop DJs in the nation due to the energy he uses on the turntables. Dope stuff to die for, and way to go DJ Hemp -- you will make the big time soon.

The Beatles Thirty Days

This monster 17-disc set put out by the mysterious Vigotone label deserves some credit. Whoever compiled this collection was a very imformed Beatles scholar. This is one of the best demonstrated discs which one was has ever tried to do on The Beatles' "Get Back Sessions" of 1968.  Most Beatles fans have heard the released versions of these songs, but few have ever heard the creative process behind The Beatles classics, and this giant box set helps one understand the history of the group better than any material released legally or illegally since the band made it big in 1963.  Most of the material are lost out-takes of songs with most disks running close to 70 minutes apiece.  Sure there may be a hefty price tag on this release, but you get tons of music and sounds of The Beatles that make it all worth it. If you really want to check out this release and see what The Beatles were about, check this out, for it is one of the greatest retrospectives in a day in the life of The Beatles ever documented on the "Get
Back Sessions." This is the ultimate collection of those historic sessions.

The Beatles "1"

Contains all The Beatles' number one songs on one CD for the first time ever. What a novel idea, which I must say was a little disappointing, for a lot Beatles fans have these songs on  the red album ("1964 - 1966") or the blue album ("1967 - 1970"). But to have all the songs on one disc is a great way to introduce the younger fans and new fans of the band with a  great starting point. "1" has all their great number one songs such as "Something," "Let It Be," "Hey Jude." "I Want To Hold You Hand," "She Loves You," "Love Me Do," and "The Long and Winding Road" plus more.

Don Phillip You Make Me Love You... More

Jive Records
Combining a reggae beat with some hip-hop scratches makes this song rather pleasant to listen to. Reminds one of the old Donny Osmond song "Soliders of Love." Don Phillip has that pop vocal style, yet somehow the song seems to get lost a little towards the end... if this song remixed, it could be a smash hit but in this form lacks something. One suggestion is to remix
the track again.

The Aquabats Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures Vol 2.

Fearless Records/Hotchata Records
The mysterious masked men of The Aquabats are back with a collection of B-sides, demos, and outtakes to rock your cosmic world. The band which starts a CD with something that sounds like a midi-recording "Robot Theme Song" then goes into some funny tunes like "Pool Party," which is about a wild pool party. Also, "Pizza Day" is so humorous that it wants you grab a slice of pizza and chow down. No wonder that this surf rock influenced punk band is a fan favorite. Let's have a big party and invite the Aquabats to play. This is the most fun since the B-52's first two albums... super killer release, dudes.

Backstreet Boys "Shape of My Heart" CD single

Jive Records
Almost everyone who listened to CHR, Top 40, or MTV heard this smash hit. "Shape of My Heart" has sadness to it yet moves one to think that has emotions over a person yet loniless and missing someone special touches the weakness of the heart. If you need a romantic tune to heal your pain and suffering, give these lyrics a good listen, for the Backstreet Boys tell it right to your face. One of the greatest hits ever from this boy band and worthy of anyone's collection. A classic tune to reflect how love truly is.

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