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...by Patrick Ondrus

It was another slamming show at Mac's Bar on Michigan. SetRitual from East Lansing opened the night. This band settles in somewhere between alternative and metal (though the Pantera cover they threw in definitely pushes them to the heavy side). Their vocal approach is very unique, sometimes sounding somewhat like Tool, but with an angst all their own.

Next up it was D.O.C. from the Detroit area bringing in a dose of hardcore metal rap (along with a few groupies who blocked the view of most the bar -- well, I guess the view they gave wasn't that bad, either). While I will give this band credit for a hilarious (and heavy) version of a BeeGees tune, they stole just a little too much from Rage Against The Machine.

Topping the night was Lansing's own Blackened Earth. This group showed the crowd how to do hard rock/metal right with a sound unique to themselves. With soaring vocals and crunching guitars, B.E. got the crowd moving with material from their upcoming CD. One note on this show: this was Jason Emmons' (guitar) last show with Blackened Earth. (Best wishes, and keep an eye out for his next project; he's good!!) He has been replaced with Greg Snider, formerly of Skullbuzz and longtime jamming partner of the band.

Local Scene Writers Needed

We're in need of a couple new local scene writers to fill this section. Cover the styles of music in which you have knowledge at clubs in your area and/or clubs you attend frequently.

If you're interested in covering Lansing's local music scene, contact the Renegade at (401) 849-3972 or renegade@efortress.com. As a "Local Scene" writer, you choose the clubs and the bands you cover. All you have to do is meet the writing deadlines. This is your opportunity to help expose Lansing's best bands to a broader public and to the music industry. No pay. Great perks. Call for details.

Lansing Music News

Daddy Longlegs has released a new CD, Pearls Before Swine, and added two new members. Garth Mosher replaced drummer Steve Merchant, and Craig Griffith, formerly of Botfly, joined the band as a vocalist and harmonica player.

Rooster (formerly Uncle Booby) has added drummer Quade Finnicum (Botfly) to its roster.

The Lansing music scene will soon be losing a loyal friend, supporter, and fan. The controversial DJ Jaz McKay will be packing up and moving to San Luis Obispo, California to head the morning show of KZOZ. Jaz was a huge supporter of the local music scene.

Bands: Read the "Hey Bands" section for information on how to be included in the Lansing Music News section.

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