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Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter is actually 3 distinct quarterly publications.  A total of 12 Renegades are published each year (3 editions times 4 issues per edition).

The local edition (Lansing, MI) features local and major label interviews, album reviews, demo reviews from across North America, and local scene coverage.  The local edition's distribution of 500 copies to music stores, record stores, and clubs is enough to reach the core music fans in the local music scene.  Currently, the local edition is running at 8 pages.
The "industry editions" (the Renegade trade publications) feature interviews and reviews of unsigned bands from across North America and overseas.  The "industry editions" are available by mail only.  The original "industry edition" features all styles of music except country.  The Renegade's newest publication, the "country music industry edition" features only country music and is mailed to country music industry executives.  Current distribution of the original "industry edition" is 500 to the industry plus 100 to bands and musicians.  Distribution of the "country music industry edition" is 200 to the country music industry plus 50 to bands and musicians.  Currently, the original "industry edition" is running at 8 to 12 pages and the "country music industry edition" is running at 6 to 8 pages.
The Renegade has been in existence since July 1993.  Geoff Wilbur has written for various local, regional, and national publications since September 1989, most notably a seven year stint with College Monthly.


Bands interested in getting demos reviewed should send two copies, plus additional information about the band (including a contact name/address/phone number) to:

Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter
P.M.B. 449
580 Thames Street
Newport, RI  02840

Each band does, of course, receive a complimentary copy of the edition in which its review appears.


The Country Music Industry edition is mailed in early spring, summer, fall, and winter.  The Lansing edition runs at the beginning of the month in March, June, September, and December.  The Industry edition is printed in early February, May, August, and November.
Send $5 for a one year subscription to one edition.  Send $15 for a one year subscription to all three editions.  (In Canada and Mexico, subscriptions are US$7 per year per edition/US$21 for all three; overseas subscriptions are US$10 per year per  dition/US$30 for all three.)  Send check or money order PAYABLE TO GEOFF WILBUR to Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter, P.M.B. 449, 580 Thames Street, Newport, RI  02840.  Be sure to indicate the Lansing edition, Industry edition, Country Music Industry edition, or all three editions when subscribing.  To make things easier, you can use the subscription form here on the Renegade website.
Sample issues are available for $1.25 (US$1.75 in Canada/Mexico; US$2.50 overseas).  Please indicate which edition you would like to receive.

If you'd rather subscribe to the Renegade online by credit card, go to http://www.cdbaby.com/order/renegade.htm.


Good writers are always invited to contact us about writing.

For its local edition, the Renegade is presently particularly interested in country, alternative rock, dance, industrial and rap/hip hop interviewers and album reviewers, though all good writers are urged to inquire.

For its "industry editions," the Renegade seeks individuals to cover the local club scenes around North America and elsewhwere around the world.  Due to limited space and the quarterly nature of the publication, this assignment should not be particularly demanding.  The most satisfying thing about covering your local scene is that you're helping the best local musicians by mentioning them in a publication that is widely read within the music community.  Coverage of the local country scene would run in the country music industry edition.  Coverage of all other styles would run in the "original" industry edition.

No, our writers are not paid.  If you choose to write for the Renegade, you will be doing so either 1) to build up clippings to help launch a writing career, 2) because you enjoy music and enjoy feeling as if you're helping bands' careers, or 3) a little of each.  Additionally, writers get to keep all CDs and cassettes reviewed and can often get "guest listed" for local shows.

You may contact the Renegade either by snail mail or e-mail at the following addresses:

Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter
P.M.B. 449
580 Thames Street
Newport, RI  02840


 Rate cards are available upon request to those who may be interested in advertising.

 The Renegade and any of its writers may be contacted via e-mail at renegade@efortress.com.

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