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by Diane Anderson... 

3 Doors Down, Dust For Life and Cold

Roy Wilkins Arena, St. Paul, MN

November 7, 2000

On Tuesday, November 7, the Roy Wilkins Arena was rocked. This concert had the most diverse crowd. From the metal rockers to the teen-aged girls, there was something for everyone.

The first band to play was Cold. I hadnít heard much from them, except their song "Just Got Wicked." That was probably the hardest song they played that night. They did get the crowd involved and excited. Cold stuck around for a day and headlined the after-show for the Limp Bizkit show.

The second band to take the stage was Dust For Life. Their song "Step Into the Light" has just started play on the radio here. So they were also new to me, but I like their songs a lot. They had great stage presence and kept the crowd interested. This is one CD to buy the next time you're in the store; I know I will. They have a great sound and good lyrics.

The band we were all waiting for was 3 Doors Down. They started out strong and kept it going. They played their huge hit "Kryptonite," which is my favorite. They also played their new hit "Loser" and the next single to be released, "Duck and Run." They played for us a new song that has not been released and will be on the next CD. Even though Iím considered a metalhead, I do enjoy a concert that you can sit back and enjoy. Their lyrics are clean, so you can bring the whole family. They are only halfway through their tour, so if you get a chance, check them out, along with Dust For Life and Cold.

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