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NOTE: Information on this form is current as of January 2003 but is subject to change.  Please contact GWRN at geoff@geoffwilbur.com if you are interested in advertising.

Since 1993, local music fans have enjoyed reading local editions of the Renegade.  They have also earned the respect of industry insiders because of their professional layout and informative content.  The respect the publisher has gained in his dealings with the music industry since 1989 also helped the Renegade launch its industry edition in 1994.  But, since the country music industry is so separate from the rest of the music industry, the industry edition did not contain country acts.

With the success of the industry edition, the Renegade decided to try to do for country acts what it has does for musicians in other styles of music.  So, in 1997, the "country music industry edition" was launched.

The country music industry edition is an edition devoted entirely to unsigned and independent country bands and singers.  It is an attempt to help ambitious, unsigned bands get in touch with the very people who can help their careers. The informative, descriptive content and brief, quick-hit writing style have made the Renegade industry edition a popular read among music industry professionals.

An ad in the country music industry edition reaches an industry mailing list of 100 people in the country music industry (at record companies, management companies, booking agencies, publicity firms, etc.) plus 50 musicians.

The Renegade's publisher is an MBA who views his publication from a business perspective; there is no hidden agenda -- the Renegade's goal is to provide maximum benefit for its advertisers.  And the country music industry edition is an effort by the publisher to help hard-working acts get the exposure they need and deserve.  It interests the industry because it is a reputable publication that provides industry insiders with another way to find out about the top-notch, hard working bands they are searching for.  An ad in the industry edition tells the music industry you're serious about your career and recognize the importance of advertising.

Because bands have limited finances, the country music industry edition is quarterly -- and a $60, 1/4 page ad size is the smallest size available.  For as little as $180 a year (one $60 ad in each of four issues with the $60 full-year-paid-in-advance discount), you can keep your band's name in the minds of music industry insiders.  This will help open doors as you approach the industry to pitch your band.

Please contact the Renegade to discuss whether or not the country music industry edition will be useful in your efforts to attract country music industry attention.  The Renegade country music industry edition could be a valuable part of your marketing plan!

2003 Dates of Importance for the Country Music Industry Edition:

Mailing Date            Advertising Deadline
------------            --------------------
March 22, 2003          March 8, 2003
June 22, 2003           June 8, 2003
October 5, 2003         September 22, 2003
December 22, 2003       December 8, 2003

NOTE:  Dates are subject to change.  Please contact GWRN at geoff@geoffwilbur.com if you are interested in advertising.


Country Music Industry Edition Price List
                                             Single  Full-Year
                                              Issue  (4 Issue)
                         Horizontal Vertical  Price    Price*
1/4 Page                 3 21/32" X 4 15/16"  $ 60    $ 180
                         7 1/2"   X 2 13/32"    60      180
                         2 3/8"   X 7 7/16"     60      180
                         4 15/16" X 3 21/32"    60      180
1/3 Page                 2 3/8"   X 10"         70      220
                         3 21/32" X 6 5/8"      70      220
                         4 15/16" X 4 15/16"    70      220
                         7 1/2"   X 3 1/4"      70      220
1/2 Page                 7 1/2"   X 4 15/16"    85      280
                         3 21/32" X 10"         85      280
                         4 15/16" X 7 7/16"     85      280
2/3 Page                 4 15/16" X 10"        100      340
                         7 1/2"   X 6 5/8"     100      340
Full Page                7 1/2"   X 10"        140      500
Front Cover (Bottom 1/3) 7 1/2"   X 3 1/4"     140      500
Back Cover               7 1/2"   X 10"        200      740

* Full Year Must Be Paid in Advance to Receive Discount



2 3/8"         =    1 column
3 21/32"       =    half page width
4 15/16"       =    2 columns
7 1/2"         =    3 columns (width of page)


2 13/32"       =    1/4 page
3 1/4"         =    1/3 page
4 15/16"       =    1/2 page
6 5/8"         =    2/3 page
7 7/16"        =    3/4 page
10"            =    full page

These ad sizes ensure 1/8" between ads and 3/16" between columns.

Off-sizes of larger than 1/4 page are available at an additional
cost of $8.00 per column inch over the rate of the next smallest
ad size listed above.

Ads must be camera-ready.  We will insert photos for a price of
$9.00 per picture.  (Call the Renegade if you need assistance in
designing your ad.  Time permitting, we will be happy to work
with you -- so call early to ensure adequate design time.)


Substantive errors that are clearly the fault of Geoff Wilburís
Renegade Newsletter will be rectified by printing a make-good
(same-sized) ad in the very next issue or by granting credit
(the cost of a same-sized ad) toward a larger ad in the very next
issue.  Make-goods MUST appear in the very next issue of the
country music industry edition.

For ad sales information,
contact Geoff Wilbur at geoff@geoffwilbur.com


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