"JJ Paradise Player's Club: The Real Scoop?"

by MikeSOS
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Brooklyn has been experiencing a musical renaissance as of late, and JJ Paradise Player's Club is one of the reasons why.  Their crash and burn delivery mixes the slam of metal with the sludge of grunge to create a bastardized mixture that showcases more garage rock sounds than any busy taxi cab depot.  When speaking to band member Dave, we had a brief but insightful interview which is surely tongue-in-cheek (we hope!).

Mike SOS: How has all of your previous band experience helped you in JJ's?

Dave: It's helped get a few people out to shows while we were on tour and locally.

Mike SOS: What style of music do you guys see yourself as?

Dave: Poop rock for your meat hat.

Mike SOS: Who has inspired you most musically?

Dave: Jose Cuervo and Dr. Kettle One

Mike SOS: What is the main objective of JJ's Paradise Club?

Dave: Our main objective is for people to remember our name which is: the JJ Paradise Players Club.  Oh yeah, and make records and tour.

Mike SOS: What would be the dream tour for the band?

Dave: Opening for Starland Vocal Band in the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Mike SOS: If you weren't in a band, you'd be....

Dave: Selling our asses on e-bay.

Mike SOS: Being a NYC band, how do you feel about the local scene?

Dave: The local scene's good; there's a lot of good new bands and a lot of new venues have been opening up.

Mike SOS: What are you currently listening to?

Dave: A bunch of hip-hop, the Brought Low, Slayer.

Mike SOS: What's next for JJ's (new songs, tour, etc.)?

Dave: We're currently working on new songs for a European EP and we're going on tour in January with Atomic Bitch Wax and Karma to Burn for a month.

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