"Twin Ferraris Play Locally Again"

by Bob Smith

After over 20 years have gone by, the Twin Ferraris are on the musical road again, and the old hippie had a chance to catch them out at the All Star Bowl located in Grand Ledge. The crowd was sparse, but the music filled the room. I was amazed at the sound the two guys could put out. With just a dream machine and a synthesizer accompanying the two guys playing their guitars, they cranked out tune after tune. They covered many top 40 tunes ranging from Santana to STP, from Men At Work to the Boxtops, and many more.

The Twin Ferraris is comprised of the twin brothers Hector and Victor Juarez. Hailing from Lansing, their original band, the Ferraris, was formed in 1964 in East Lansing, Michigan. They won many "Battle of the Bands" competitions and appeared on many regional television programs. During this time, they had the opportunity to work with artists such as The Loving Spoonful, Johnny Rivers, and Dick Wagner and the Frost. In 1986, a major highlight in the history of the Ferraris occurred when the band had the opportunity to rehearse, record, and perform a major concert with Stevie Wonder. During the '70s and '80s, they performed with the bands The Juarez Brothers and Kofijam. These bands performed in nightclubs throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois.

When not performing in the Lansing area, the Twins have been playing in northern Michigan. When in Ludington, check them out at Michael's. If you can't find out where they are playing, contact Hector at 517-882-9644.

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