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Caught in the Act...

...by Amy McClees

Hip Pocket (Hip meaning, well, HIP! and Pocket meaning, the musicians have it all together, tight, they're in a pocket) played to an SRO crowd at the Grand Rapids Festival '98, Friday night, 6/5/98. With horns a-blazin' and walk-about musicians surrounding the crowd, it's a group that truly caters to its audience. The debut of a couple of new tunes that they are in the midst of recording was a nice addition to their considerable repertoire of songs they are known for. James, the lead singer, crooned to the under-5 crowd that flocked around the snow fences seperating the crowd from the stage. If you have a chance to see them play, request their "Steely Dan" medley. I know of no other group who can pull off this feat to satisfaction of a true Steely Dan fan.

Local Scene Writers Needed

We're in need of a couple new local scene writers to fill this section. Cover the styles of music in which you have knowledge at clubs in your area and/or clubs you attend frequently.

If you're interested in covering Grand Rapids' local music scene, contact the Renegade at (401) 849-3972 or renegade@efortress.com. As a "Local Scene" writer, you choose the clubs and the bands you cover. All you have to do is meet the writing deadlines. This is your opportunity to help expose Grand Rapids' best bands to a broader public and to the music industry. No pay. Great perks. Call for details.

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