Alpha Bet

Alpha Bet (MP3)

F#m / F# / F#dim


Alpha Bet

When you're the whole way,
To W,
What are ya gonna say?
What are ya gonna do?

Do ya wanna bet,
You've run out,
Of alphabet?
Do ya wanna make,
The alpha bet?

What'd we put,
At stake?
Oh, yes,
The stakes are high,
And, so's the tide,
A mess,
Left in her wake,
How long,
Will the clean up take?
Will we then,
Bet on beta,
It all sounds wrong,
When will we... er, a...
Suppress our inducing,
Of climate change,
Induce less --
No, no negative impacting,
'tis imperative,
For surviving,
'tis imperative ta live.

We made the alpha bet,
And, perhaps not quite yet,
But we will,
Challenge survival,
We made the alpha bet,
Though perhaps not quite yet,
We can't beat the odds,
Of our stacked deck,
Making us the clown,
Whose chips are down,
We made the alpha bet,
And, it's something... we'll come to regret.

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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