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Explanation Narration

What do you think of that?
Or, haven't you thought?
Well, now that you've had a look at it,
What is your definition?
What would you call our situation?

I've been thinking about it... a lot,
As there is more education,
There is clarification,
Though no solution,
I can offer an explanation narration:
Due to the misallocation of our action,
We are left with no satisfaction.
Combined with our mass hallucination,
We've taken a greater portion,
Than was given.
Now we expect to be forgiven,
We've such an imagination,
About self-centeredness,
That no matter how much we confess,
We'll be left to clean-up our mess.
There is no "unless,"
Nooo... 100% is not a probability,
It's a certainty.

Our creation by destruction,
Is it an aberration?
No more like an abortion,
Of civilization,
Or, abolition,
Of conception,
By annihilation,
So there will be no more generation,
Of another generation.

Elimination by cancellation,
Of rationalization.

So, there ya have it --
Extinction by definition.

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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