Gotta Run

Gotta Run (MP3)

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Gotta Run

Sorry... gotta run,
Try n' get some things done,
Please don't ask me,
To slow down,
'cause I like runnin' round,
'tis something that makes me happy,
So, sorry,
I have gotta run,
Utilize the time,
Under the sun,
So, sorry,
I have gotta run,
While the time is prime.

It started with a simple plan,
Instructions from god,
To a simple man,
And, it all sounded so good,
I thought I should...
Take a first step,
And, see how it goes,
Who knows,
If it all flows,
It might add some pep,
To my step,
Then, watch me go, go, go!

So, sorry,
I've gotta run,
It might look like work,
But, it's really fun,
Yeah, gotta run,
Some call it a quirk,
I call it... gettin' the job done.

(And, the satisfaction,
Is relaxin',
Yeah, relaxation,
Through stimulation,
Is my gratification.)

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