Knowhow (MP3)

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Lots of times,
I know what,
I want to say,
But, don't know how,
To spout it out.

If it rhymes,
That paves the way,
For the know-how,
To let the words flow.
[So, Let it go, Let's go, 
or other variations
on each chorus]

Does the cat have my tongue?
No!  How...
Can I illustrate?
Is it on the tip of my tongue,
Yes! How...
Can I explicate?
Elucidate, demonstrate, communicate?


Am I tongue tied?
No! How...
Can I acquire,
The know-how,
To know how,
To let you,
Know how, too?


I haven't lied,
Trying to take you higher,
I've just tried,
To help words transpire,
That might elucidate,
Am I trying to complicate?
No.  How...
Can I know how,
To explicate?
Elucidate, demonstrate, communicate?


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