Mutant (MP3)

Cm / Cm7 / Cmm7



They say we're do for a change,
They say  change is due,
We'll be able to arrange,
A way to get through?

Suppose we'll have to mutate,
Because of the hate,
Who wants to be a mutant,
Is that what we really want?

In and instant,
I'm a mutant,
Wond'rin where the good times went,
In a moment,
I'm a mutant,
Wond'rin why this Godsend was sent.

Oh, you say,
This ain't God's way,
I'm starting to hear,
What you say,
Is going down here,
I'm starting to see,
The mutant in me.

An alteration,
A permeating permutation,
By Man's disfiguration,
To God's creation.

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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