Remote Pro-troll

Remote Pro-troll (MP3)

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Remote Pro-troll

How far away,
From me,
Can you be,
And, still have an affect on me?

How far away,
From you,
Can I be,
And, still feel you touching me?

Can you use a remote control device,
To lay your hands on me?
Can you transmit a signal,
That will make me feel special?
Can you devote a channel...
Or, some sort-of frequency,
That let's me know... frequently,
That we can stay in touch that much,
If there's anything I can to do facilitate,
Participate, cooperate, appreciate...
I'm at your service.

A robot with a heart,
So, far away,
Yet, in some way,
Still in my presence.
A machine with a will,
And, a spiritual essence,
That you're able to impart,
Though not in control of me,
You certainly...
Help drive me.
You're the eyes that allow me to see,
Though not in control of you,
Our interaction is a necessity.
Not remote control,
More like remote influence,
You're feedback is essential,
For the proper balance.
Working together?
No, I mean,
Playing together,
On the same team,
Remote 2-way control,
I respond to you,
You respond to me, too,
Overcoming any obstacle --

if ya'll wanna see sumpin' crazy... check out Wissahickon high school tomorrow --
ramp riot 
teams come from all over the country to compete... guys from nasa drive up to help out... set up the course, etc.  then, these robots riot on a ramp... well, it's more like an organized riot... as the teams compete to  make their robots outperform the other teams in a course designed for this year's "theme"

it's one of those "ya gotta see it to believe it"

ps  i was thinking... how a remote control robot and the one with the remote control... well, the relationship is similar to a human and god in many ways?


rick replied:
humans don't always go in the direction the Robot Master points us

i respond:
heehe... exactly... if you go watch the kids at ramp riot, the exact same thing happens.  sometimes it's like the robot has it's own freewill... and will do as it pleases.  when this happens... when both parties aren't going the same direction... it's easy to see that... it's hard to say who is the Robot Master.

which makes me realize... that when they are going in the same direction... it's not so much a matter of who "controls" who... but, that the input/feedback from one side is listened to at the other end... and in turn... the response is in harmony with what was received... this "music" is then transmitted back... and in turn...  listened to at that end... where a harmonious response occurs... and these notes are sent back, etc, etc, etc.

a 2-way interaction
if either party acts as though they are independent of the other --

if both parties understand their interdependence, and act as 1 instead of 2 --

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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