Slipped My Mind

Slipped My Mind (MP3)

Em / C / Bb


Slipped My Mind

Out there,
I hope somebody,
My mind.

It seems it has a mind of it's own,
And, decided to leave home,
I hope nobody,
To find,
My mind.

Ohh, my body has slipped my mind,
Or, has my mind slipped my body,
As you can see,
It's really hard for me to see,
What's become of me,
What was I thinking?
It must of snuck off while I was sleeping,
Now, I'm in a real bind,
Having slipped my mind,
Did I unwind?
Have I come unwound,
Ohh, I just hope it can be found,
So, if you'd be so kind,
Please help me find,
My mind.

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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