Impending Doom

Impending Doom (MP3)

Cm / Dm / Em


Impending doom,
I hope it doesn't happen,
To soon.
Impending doom,
We left the door open,
For gloom.

Contaminating our haunt,
Has come back to haunt,
My soul,
I fear,
Contaminating our atmosphere,
Has taken its toll.

Impending doom,
I can feel it in my gut,
Search for hope and grace,
In any hidden place,
With all the greed and hate,
Is there any room?

Impending doom,
An overshadowing gloom,
Impending doom,
Death does loom,
Impending doom,
One foot in the tomb,
Impending doom,
In Akhlys' womb,
Impending doom,

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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