Love Sick Fit

Love Sick Fit (MP3)

F / Dm / Em


It's been too long,
Since a love song,
Quite a while,
Have they gone outta style?

   Ya gotta love it,
   Don't ever quit,
   Ya gotta love it,
   Have a love sick fit!

How long's it been,
I've forgotten,
Quite a while?
Let's give 'er a trial:


Why wait n' hesitate,
Forget about hate,
And, all the while,
Bear a smile.


It's the remedy,
To treat me,
Her elixir fixer,
Yeah, a potent love potion,
My heart medication,
It's the remedy,
To treat me,
Please, more of that hug drug,
And, kiss essence,
It's the remedy,
To treat me,
Puts me into a spastic love sick fit.

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