Humor Me

Have you developed a tumor
Seemed to have lost your sense of humor
When you’re thinking funny
The skies are sunny [milk and honey… birds sing and things]
Would you rather be in a tomb, or
Have a sense of humor
[laughter / instrumental]

Even if you’re a late bloomer
Get a sense of humor
It’s more than a rumor
Fountain of youth is a sense of humor
Have you developed a funny bone?
Now we’re coming home

Humor Me.mp3

Style: ExperiMental Country Reggae Music
Chords: Em Em7 / E E7 / C D E
Rhythm: 80 BPM Reggae #1 and 40 BPM Hoedown
Recording: digital 1-track stereo / recorded live

Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keyboards and Synthesizers (microKorg, Korg N364, Yamaha PSR-740, Casio WK-3500, miniNova, Boss Loop Station, Boss BR-600, DigiTech RP3)

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