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What Does the STARCROST LOGO Really Mean?

It happened like this:

PETER CROSS is a singer/songwriter who appears from time to time in various recording studios with CROSSFIRE, a mythical recording band.   CROSSFIRE has never played together in public, and many of the players have never met.   Conceptually, CROSSFIRE describes the fulcrum of energy that explodes at the moment of pure creation, when light and dark interact to produce shadows that express drama.

STARCROST PRODUCTIONS produces the music of PETER CROSS.   Once upon a time, STARCROST needed a logo.   Corporate executives decided that:
  • A great logo is simple.
  • A great logo is instantly memorable.
  • The best logo is simple and memorable, plus implies a message.

STARCROST.........a crossed star.......what else could it be?

Only later did the corporate twits at STARCROST realize that their logo might be interpreted in ways not originally intended.   They had selected a six pointed star because they couldn't get a cross to superimpose properly over a five pointed star.   They chose blue and red because primary colors are cheaper to print than custom blends.   They probably would have preferred embossed gold lettering on black velvet to signify an excess of success, or deep purple lettering on a fuchsia background to signify an excess of sex, but no, they chose blue and red on plain white paper because they were cheap.

Serious critics immediately pointed out that the flag of the State of Israel has a blue star against a white background, and advised that the STARCROST logo could be misconstrued to be pro-Jewish or anti-Jewish (either one, or both).   Less serious weirdos from southern California warned that a red cross has something to do with the devil or blood or something, but it's hard to take anyone from southern California seriously on the subject of cults.

Record company executives are another matter entirely, and need to be taken seriously by those of us who have no other choice.   These people are paid real money to understand the music market, and they deserve our faith that they know what they are doing, or why else wouldn't their paychecks bounce?   They are unanimous in their judgment that the STARCROST logo will not "fly", although STARCROST now says they never intended it to fly.

STARCROST claims that they contracted with an internationally recognized logo consultant to design a purposely controversial logo under the theory that controversy is good for business (one of them actually said "bad news is better than no news at all").   They say the crossed star represents peace among the world's religions, or at least symbiosis.   They found an old Haiku (a Japanese poem with 14 characters) that translates as "Follow the crossed star to the place where dreams meet reality.   Therein lies immortality."   They are convinced that this means something terribly important to the development of the human race, and they hope to have the full meaning clarified real soon.   Presumably, they'll let us all know.

To Peter Cross, the logo represents the axiom "Truth is One, Paths are Many."

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