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Physical description:
Opaque, sedantary, predominately male type object, with variable temperature, occasional gaseousness, and a mildly salty taste.
Age: Between 20 and 5000 years old, depending upon the velocity of the observer (ref: The Innerview - In the Crosshairs, Part 2).
Distinguishing marks:

Heavy cross on shoulders, monkey on back with knife in back, black cloud hovering over head, heart exposed on sleeve. (Ah, but this is from 1996. Currently floating on pink cloud... nothing to do with AA... cross has been lifted, monkey with knife is gone, black cloud is pink, and the old heart is back on the left side of the chest.
Rock and roll, women, great pizza (not necessarily in that order). Now, to this list, we have to add gourmet cooking, a relatively new development in 2004 inspired by The Food Channel on cable TV, Trader Joe's, the world's most incredible chain food store, and The Resurrection of Peter Cross.
Allergies:Disco "music", cRAP "music", pigs (except when they're Good Cops and They Love Rock and Roll - but the two things have to occur simultaneously, and it never seems to happen in real life, only in the song), dust, sub-microscopic bacteria named "self".

Recreational sex, especially in recreational vehicles or spontaneous recreational areas. Oh, we cannot stress this one enough! (refer to Seminal Songs - "Dirty Hippy", especially the last line in the song - PRESCIENT, in retrospect).
Favorite food:Pre-approved, pre-authorized pizza (i.e. Sal's Pizzeria Restaurant, 316 Mamaroneck Avenue, Mamamaroneck, N.Y., and if that ain't enough of a plug, we don't know what is... as if they really need it!). And to this classic item, we now have to include just about everything that Peter Cross cooks these days, and there may have to be a new web page to cover that... who knows? Even the Shadow doesn't know!
Favorite song:Sherry, by the Four Seasons (also used in cooking... various sauces)
Sports:Totally non-competitive. Likes to watch air, although maybe being a "net surfer" qualifies as a sport.
Last sighting in 1997:
Sal's Pizzeria Restaurant, before a business meeting with "Large Louie".
Last reported words in 1997:"One more slice, Sal, with extra cheese".
Resurrection in 2004:Sleepless in Orange, California, but lucky to be there, courtesy of Bear, a former Laguna Beach/Magic bass player and always a best friend. Current interests include all available women, rock and roll, but no pizza 'cause it can't measure up to Sal's, gourmet cooking, home improvement, updating the web site and interacting with the whole darn world.

Brief History

Born with both a mother and a father, unremarkable school career with no indication of creative talent and only marginal suggestion of elementary competence in the real world.   Sexual energy first manifested at age 11 and was virtually uncontrollable by age 13, but unfortunately girls did not notice at all.   Remained invisible until age 17, at which time high visiblity occurred overnight after joining The Dolphins, a local rock and roll band with a regional hit record.   Shock to conciousness was intense, but softened by the caring hands of more than 3 females (exact number unknown).   Heterosexuality confirmed by testing, repeat testing, and still more testing after that.   Subsequent life includes many loves, births, deaths, successes, failures, truly outstanding meals, colitis maximus, paxil, Uncle Vino and friends, the white light, and the infamous "Rough Ride in the Rubber Room."

2004 update:   Well, the rough ride in the rubber room is OVER.   10 Years After (remember that group? with Alvin Lee who was purported to be the fastest guitar player ever? obviously before Eddie Van Halen!), the traumatic after effects still reverberate through the space/time continuum like a mini-Auschwitz, but emerging from the psychic escape tunnel into the inner light at the end is an experience to be savored with a good smoke (as Peter says a lot these days, "smoke one for the idiot!" Refer to item #67 in "Aphorisms - My Mental Chatter")

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