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We have these concepts rolling around inside the brain all the time.    Sometimes we write them down and a song comes much later.    Sometimes they get lost in the Crossfire.    So this is the place where we will keep a record of them, and if any songwriter out there gets a hit with one of these, by all that's holy, YOU BETTER GIVE US CREDIT!

1.    Amnesiacs Anonymous
2.    You're not Paranoid, I am Chasing You
3.    101 Recipes Using Fresh Lawyers
4.    You're all I can Eat
5.    Please Help Me I'm Shrinking
6.    Bite Your Head Off, It Will Stop the Pain
7.    Low Self Esteem Can Be Fun
8.    Living With a Pea-Brain
9.    I Want to Punch Your Teeth Out Just to Piss Your Dentist Off
10.  Brain Dead and Unable to Remember
11.  U-Turkey-U
12.  Praying to the Porcelain God Again
13.  DWA:    Dangerous When Awake
14.  Red-eyed in the Rubber Room
15.  Irreverence, Irrellevance, and Ill Elephants
16.  Impurities, Insecurities, and other Obscurities

rock and roll
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