My Last Will And Testament

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By chance?
I've been 'round finance,
Been involved in land acquisitions,
And, seen my own family's,
Dashed expectations,
To date,
I've dealt with many an estate,
Here's the deal... really:

Hmmmm... I can't remember a happy one,
Not a single one,
Siblings fighting,
Children cheated,
No good for anyone,
Widows crying,
The mighty defeated.
Poor preparation,
For their termination,
A poor execution,
Of their will to die.

So, I wondered why?

Doesn't everybody know,
They won't live forever?
Sooner or later,
We all gotta go.

So, I wonder why?

Why doesn't everyone,
Undertake their estate plan,
Before an undertaker,
Takes them?
Why doesn't everyone,
Carry out their plan,
Before... being carried out,
Feet first?
If we all did,
It would answer the,
HOW do we get out of this mess?
Solve the problems that need rid?
HOW do we end distress,
Quench the thirst,
Enlighten another,
'ta-what-it's all about?

Oh, yes... at least, one other --
HOW to guarantee,
Being happy!

So, I'd like to remind,
That it doesn't matter,
If you have "nothing."
It doesn't matter,
If you have "no one."
Upon your death,
You will leave behind,
Your world,
Anything dear,
That you might hold,
You will leave behind,
To everyone,
You will leave it behind,
All of your depth,
Your hopes and fear,
Then, your body,
Is a nobody.

While you can,
Be human,
And, anticipate,
Every man's fate.

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