Human Liver And Organ Transplant
(fast tempo organ & electric guitar "rave-up")

I've got to run faster,
From under the cloud,
Of disaster.

I've got to try harder,
Not to shroud,
My laughter.

I've got to give freer,
... not too proud,
To deliver.

Be a liver!

You're allowed,
To speak aloud,
Out loud,
Alone... or in a crowd.

Can you hear that organ?
Let the dance begin!
Hear that organ?
Be a liver!
'tis heaven sent!
Now, take those fixed feet,
And, transplant! Transplant!
Be a liver,
Be a giver,
Of an organ transplant.
Dance, dance, dance,
Do the organ transplant.

MP3: Human Liver And Organ Transplant

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