Open For Business

The sky cracks a smile,
Along the eastern horizon,
The smile goes on,
for more than a mile,
Bringing on another,
Glorious morn'.

Appreciating the other,
Is my goal today,
Finding a new sister or brother...
In any ole' fashioned way,
(Or, anything new...
Will do, too.)

Here I am,
In the A.M.
What will I do,
By the P.M.?
If I don't begin.
To make that notion,
Go away all day,
I started with the smile,
Working on a solution,
To achieving the goal,
And, now...
I'm on a roll.
Anywhere there is somebody,
In need of appreciation,
For what we've been given,
In need of realization,
That we're living in heaven,
The Garden of Eden --
Planet Earth,
Thanks for this birth!
Thanks for this birth...
On Earth.

We're open,
For business,
Spreading goodness,
As we farm,
The Garden,
Of Eden,
Arm in arm,
Trying to understand,
Hand in hand,
With fellow human,
From Scotland, Ireland, England, Holland, Thailand, Greenland... any-land...
Mother Nature's land.

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Title: Open For Business

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