Really? (follow up to Self-Contradictory)

About the song, Self-contradictory, someone said:
Some people know, some people don't. I cant explain why, but believing two things at the same time happens. I've died... nothing is everything, everything is nothing....

So, I offer an alternative "tongue in cheek" response:



Believin' 2... or more things,
At the same time...
Is no big deal,
... so long as it's real.

Believin' 2 opposite things,
At the same time,
Is senseless,
Meaningless... selfish... "everything is mine!"

Nothing is not everything...
Nothing is nothing... it just isn't,
Even to say this "is"...
Is wasted breath,
Communication without depth.

Nothing is never anything,
Everything is always something,
To say that everything is nothing...
Is to say that "I am" nothing,
This would be a drastic mistake,
Or would you care to see how much nothing...
You can take?

Some slaps,
Upside the head?
Or, a poke in the eye,
Then, will you believe in "I"?
Will it be said,
By you,
My Mama is nothing, too?
To insult me,
That's O.K.,
But, talk about my Mama?
Ahhh... No way!

Will you think nothing of a wedgy,
Chest taps or pink belly?
Just to see how nothing will feel,
How about we spank ya silly,
Then, you'll now this something is real?
(Put 'em through the paddy wackle machine,
He'll know what we mean!)

I am.
Please don't take that away from me,
I am,
And, hope to continue to be.
I am,
Happy as a clam,
So, please leave me be,
And, don't mess with our dignity.

Can you feel me? heeehehe

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