This song was inspired by the article, The Iraq Quagmire and the War on Terror.

Epitaph Telegraph

The monster lashes out,
Against anything in doubt,
Be it man, woman or child --
Assume these beasts to be wild,
Knock 'em down,
Hit 'em in the head,
Like puppies in a sack... they'll drown,
Everyone of 'em dead.
We've made our bed,
Now creep in it!
We're all gonna suffer... at least a bit.

Everyone fears the monster,
The monster fears everyone,
Anyone in the war zone,
Welcome to disaster,
Hell is now your home,
Watch bullet hit bone,
This battle can't be won,
Write your epitaph poem.

War drums,
And, battle cries,
Our attitude -- ho, hum,
As a baby dies,
We've become,
The monster we fear,
By our lackadaisical ear,
We act deaf, dumb and blind,
And, try to block it from mind.
We've become,
The monster we fear,
In a panic, we run,
Stomping anyone near,
Anyone... everyone,
Gasping their final moan,
"This battle can't be won,
Write your epitaph poem."

With your last gasp...
Send your epitaph telegraph.

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