The Lord Said To NOAA 
[National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]

La, la, la,
NOAA (Noah) says the water will rise,
CO2 times 2,
Equals ice melting... no surprise,
Effecting ocean,
And, atmosphere, too,
Any notion,
Of what we can do?

La, la, la,
NOAA says greenhouse gases,
Will change your point-of-view,
As time passes,
No ark angel,
Will get you through,
Perhaps it's just as well?
What hurricanes do,
In enhanced CO2,
NOAA says will rock your boat,
La, la, la,
Two by two,
Is too late now,
We've missed the boat.

Yeah, the Lord said to NOAA,
There's going to be a flood? Flood!
Get those children out of our mud,
Spare their blood,
An uprising!
Help them sing...
"la, la, la"

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