Are You Pro-cave Or Concave?

Are you pro-cave?
Or, are you concave?
I'm all for man, (humun)
Coming out of his cave,
I wished he wouldn't have walked,
Wished he woulda ran, (run)
But, there's been talk,
They've talked,
One said,
Concave might be dangerous,
For us,
You don't burn all,
Another said,
His head,
Was thinking about what I said,
And, I started thinking about the thinking,
It wasn't convex,
Not that complex,
My lil' flash,
On your inkling,
Caused a spark,
A chain of events,
We'd embark,
On the danger us,
Should our stash,
Of what we know,
Past 1000 C,
Resulting in meltdown,
For those around,
Microwave bye-bye?
Or, harness our ness,
To provide energy?

Or, concave?

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