Along For The Ride

I'm glad you're here with me,
Helping make the most of what can be,
I'm oh so glad,
You came along for the ride,
In fact,
This is no act,
I'm delighted, elated and fascinated.
Too bad,
Another wouldn't bother...
At least we tried.
I'm glad you're along for the ride,
It helps to stretch my stride,
Increase our speed,
And, lighten our load,
It's exactly what we need,
To keep in a positive mode,
I'm glad,
We had,
This time together,
I'm glad,
We have,
One another,
I'm glad,
You gave,
A care,
That you're there,
Along for the ride,
Can't be denied,
So nice,
I'll say it twice,
Soooo  nice.

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