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If you are new, or want to brush up on your internet skills, you may wish to visit our help section by clicking here.

We offer businesses full internet service. There are two separate areas of service that you should examine, dial-up access and a world wide web presence. If you are in the 215 or 610 area codes, you may wish to use our dial-up services. A fairly complete listing of dial-up services can be found below.

We also offer world wide service for world wide web sites. Whether you only want a homepage, or are ready for a virtual web site, you can click here for more information.

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  • 20 hours/month of basic Internet access @ 19.95/month. Each additional hour is only $2.98. (If you click here, you can look at some of the stuff you'll be able to do.)
    Don't know. Don't care
  • E-mail only ... $9.95/month. Includes 3 hours of on-line time each month. Each additional hour is only $2.98. (E-mail is included with basic Internet access at no additional charge.)
  • Shell access $15.95/month. (Made special for people renting web space, too.) 10 hours/month of on-line time. Each additional hour is only $2.98.
  • Encrypted e-mail: one time set-up charge of $250.00. (Like having a secret decoder ring.)

    A subscriber must give thirty (30) days notice for cancelation. Glistening Web Communication Corporation reserves the right to cancel your lease at any time for obnoxious or rude behavior.

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