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Oak replies to....

2. we downloaded the oak plugin, but had trouble settin' up his vrml gig in the right directories on the web
( us...where wuz u??)


Everything was designed to jump into the same directory.
I will take a look at everything and see what happens. (More to come)

7. Can we use a jpg instead of a bmp for the vrml page graphics??????


Yea, the main problem becomes download time. What about a Giff?
(Think about it this way, that BMP opened up about 89 zillion times.
With a Jpeg, it would need to download, then uncompress. . . ouch.
I'll work on it as soon as the university lets me back in my pentium lab. (These 33mhz 486 jobs are the pits.)

A new membre... Doc joins us.

Help writes... Anyone that hasn't recieved a new copy of the working demo for the labyrinth soundtrack
( ... and would like a tape, should email their address to:

Capn asks...

I think I was able to create an mpg file in pixelshrink but i couldn't get it to play with quicktime.

Duz anybody have a player that they know works for mpeg??

Does anyone know where i could get an mpeg file to test my quicktime??

Help replies....

I have a viewer for mpeg. Think it may already be on the server...
Try, grab and unzip AVIMPG.ZIP, then let me know if it works?

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