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Here is the update of the happenings as promised by and from the The Wally-Mohn.

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We hear from RolloBob...
Just letting you all know that I'm back from Cali. Spent a week cruisin' the beach and surf. Didn't get to take the camera like I had planned,


so I don't have anything to show you from there. However, I will send out a mail to everyone about our latest projects. They are film shorts that I don't know if you could use but if you want to view them and maybe even promote them or us that would be cool!

Capn replies...

Yea mon

RolloBob continues...
I have got local dial up to the school's computer so I will have access to my mail at the current address. (But only at work). I don't know if I've given you a ph # but its (314)242 3411 if you want to talk with any of the guys at the show.

Capn asks...
I'll give a ring.
Where iz I ringing??
Should I ask for mike or rollo bob??

Back to Rollo...
Anyway, I was happy to see all the mail in returning, glad to see the interest. I'm going to try and redesign my home pages at home and then upload them to my site for a revised look at the Rollo pages.

What I don't have anymore is a killer computer to browse the web. I have access to netcruiser but it is slow. I'll try to get the newest pages put up. I'll also try to design a page for myself at your location. If you could hold the html file I could put any images in my home directory.



Help informs us...
Wally, Bob and I have been working on the email page updates. They can be seen from:

However, we are bringing most people in through
(if you click on the labyrinth song it will take you to the lyrics and the start of where we will have clues to the game that is to follow.)
Also, demos of the soundtrack have been mailed to 23 leading internet/music industry types.

Yee Haa!!!

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