Is it always someone else's problem?

If you don't do something about "it", who will?

We're gonna try... with this multimedia project. Below you will find some of the pieces that we are putting together in an effort to raise consciousness. Our intention is to conduct an experiment over the next coupla months in which we combine the elements of impromptu "man on the street" scenes (see below), a spontaneous soundtrack, and pertinent sorts-of stuph. Don't just be a dronebee. Come join us...
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The Man Over There - someone other than me. And, we ain't talkin' 'bout the man over there. So, in this particular Experiment (see Philadelphia Spirit Experiment under "just do it links" below), we need a new call to arms.

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Index of Full Length Video

man on the street avi files all under 1M

wav files 59k-113k or as marked

For an 11M Song Download, Click Here
This is an an aural tribute by The Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers via their impromtu style, and the above human contributers.

just do it links

The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment

It's you. You better beware!