What Are Humans Doing to the Water?


This is part of an on-going experiment on humans impact to the environment, as well as, their determination for self-inhalation.

Canaries In The Coal Mine

In the past, coal mining was a major source for humans to obtain energy. As the natural resource was being exploited, humans would utilize a weaker species to act as an early indicator warning system. Canaries would be taken down into the mines and placed along side of humans. If the canary died, it was a sign for humans to evacuate. Similarly, frogs and sharks can show us about the health of water.
Fresh Water: The Health of Frogs
Salt Water: The Health of Sharks

Daniel Brouse: So, I'm looking for some humans that can answer some questions... is there more land or more sea on earth?

Tony: sea
Roe: SEA
Amy: I would have to go with sea....
Joe replied: sea? 70%

Daniel Brouse: Yes.. roughly 2/3... so you'd think we'd care more, or at least as much, about the sea as the land?

Edmund replied: Out of sight, out of mind. More and more this seems the way most things go. Disperse the oil spewing into the gulf, slave labor making all the gismos and gadgets for the world.

Daniel Brouse: Well, we're doing a study on this stuph and could use your help. I've some more questions for you... most of 'em have to do with the relationships between man and earth... well, i guess that's kinda ironic... i mean Earth with a capital E...... and then, how man is screwing with earth and sea.

1) As the sea level rises, what happens to the salt water?
Will it encroach on the fresh water or will fresh water hold it's own?

2) What will happen to waves?
Is it likely that human induced climate change will cause more volatile wind patterns... that in turn cause some monster waves?

As it relates to early indicators and the health of eco-systems
3) Fresh Water -- Are you aware of any frog studies?

4) Salt Water -- Are you aware of any shark studies?

Roe: saltwater intrusion... it can mix into the fresh water, makin it unfit to drink bcuz by ground-water pumping of oil fieldz canal, etc. but the freshwater can learn how to filter out or pump/keep out the saltwater as wel an put it in2 the rite areaz itz needed, happenz 2 most coastal communitiez..??
Daniel Brouse Surprise! Roe is in the know on desalination? and, yeah... if the salt water gets into the soil, such as on islands, ya can't grow crops or trees or.... then what?
Roe: then nothin, we r screwed lol. i took a geology class!
Daniel Brouse: sweeet.
Roe: yuup.(:
Daniel Brouse: as for being screwed, check out what happened after Hurricane Katrina... round new orleans. farms got salted... so did timberlands... no grow no more.
Roe:itz horrible.. thiz world iz pretty much junkk now. i can stil c the beauty tho or atleast try 2...
Daniel Brouse: ? ... i'm thinking if the love riders get together... maybe we can ride it like a wave?
Roe: riderz on the storm, mayb?! ;)
Daniel Brouse: surfs up!
Roe: gnarly dudeeee!

See Forebodings of Doom by Dr. Sidd Mukherjee

Human Induced Climate Change Experiment

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