Volatility Knows Woes

Sound the siren… go and warn
The calm before the storm
Is an understatement
of the undercurrent
A spike
Hold tight
We’re in for a ride
Hold your breath
The depth and breadth
Until we reach the side
Higher highs
Lower lows
Don’t catch the volatility woes
Lower blows
Higher sighs
Don’t catch the volatility woes
It can make you
It can make you
See sick
Oh, no… the volatility woes

Some wish they could hide
Others thrill on the ride
Don’t know if…
It will subside

Algorithmic gymnastics
Knowledge goes
With the knowledge flows
The volatility knows

He says, “Surfs up!”
And, goes

E F#
D D# E

Volatility Knows Woes .mp3

By Daniel Brouse

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