Elephants Talk

A song dedicated to Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival 2011
August 5th -7th

C / F [based loosely on the traditional folksong *Iko Iko* Reverse chords from F / C... plus a dash of funked up ska for added spice.]

On the road
To a show
Not knowing
How it will go
Well, ya know
Every show
Is a place
Where ya win

Win place
Go to the show
There’s friends to the left
There’s friends to the right
This joint’ll be blowin’ all night

Joy Ike, Ike Ahhhh all day
Amleah, Amleah
Joy Ike, Ike Ahhhh all day

Win, place, show
Show *Win Place*
Harris Face
Soundscape space
Every lil’ thing’ll be fine
Just don’t cross the Galt Line

Swallow Deafening Colors
While you spill your Guttschall
(John A., John A. be good)
Can’t see the forest
Through The Tall Trees?
Take my hand
You’ll understand
Music frees
Sittin’ next to the cool
Pool Of Thorns
Feelin’ the sea’s salty breeze

Dance at every chance
Two left feet
Make a Boneyard
Be a Resident

Press play
Select Peace Project
Joy Ike n’ Ike Ahhhh all day
From Le Grand Fromage
To steppin’ on stage
With *Heart Of A Rhino*
Tearin’ the place apart
Drummers to the left
Drummers to the right
It’s an *All Right*
Party tonight
For the wicked
No rest
Ya know Jerry’s fest
Is the best

Come forward
The light
Oh, Lord
Never too late
Great night